Wednesday, 30 June 2010

What to do when it's sooooooo hot!

Well, in the absence of a swimming pool!!!! I have been restlessly flitting from one thing to another trying to deal with the heat, I've spent a few minutes blog hopping, a few minutes on a craft forum, I even watched an old black and white Agatha Christie film (Murder She Said - based on her book the 4:50 from Paddington) an hour or so crafting - today's project turned out not to be the anniversary cards but inserts for cards made whilst in Florida recently and which have been sitting in a pile on my craft table awaiting matching inserts. it took a while because there's glitter highlights on them - wanna see????

These two were cards made earlier this week

These two were made in Florida in May and brought home

as was this one - cute little Changito!

Welcome to hump day Wednesday

Down hill all the way to the weekend - though as a "retiree" this is not something I have to worry about - sorry!
No plans for today though I might nip up to my neighbours as she has a nest of baby hedgehog's in her green house (everybody say ahhhh).

It's turned out to be dull, grey and STICKY here today which makes it really pretty unpleasant and the weather is scheduled to break tomorrow - wonder if this means it might turn thundery later in the day.

Good news though, no alarms to disturb us (or our neighbours) overnight - think the two power cuts during the evening were enough round our way!!! No idea what that was all about but several local house alarms went off as a result and, no, ours wasn't one of them - thank goodness. Steve made our apologies to our neighbours for the previous nights sleep disturbance so hopefully they are all still speaking to us!

Managed to catch the second hour on QVC last evening - "Dawn Bibby Designs" but also managed not to buy anything!!! Christmas Craft Day is next week . . . Tuesday, check out the link,aspx.dayValue.todayPlusSix

Not much going on craft wise yesterday, being out much of the day but I did rustle up this ATC for my swap buddy, Linda. I believe the patterned paper is from a DCWV stack and the plain pink from my gift wallet crafting recently. The wider purple with gold edge ribbon wrapped a recent incoming gift and I had the exact ribbon (but narrower - how spooky?) which I knotted. I had two die cut butterflies so I adhered the brighter pink to the base ATC by it's body and curled the wings up a little before adhering the outline butterfly (again, body only) and folded the wings out - to give it dimension before adding faux pearls to the body of the butterfly and also to the ends of the flourishes stamped in deep pink on the plain panel and then finally highlighting with holographic stickles.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Busy day .............

Busy day starting here by crossing the old Severn Bridge, to meet up for lunch with friends . . . . we drove to Chepstow to meet up with our friends (ex neighbours) at their idyllic retreat in Itton, got to feed the chickens and ducks and play with the spaniel, Jess.
Geoff and the chickens!
Lunch at a rather special pub in Penhow (can't spell it so not going to try) but got to try Eton Mess for the first time ever - mmmmmm. Back to Geoff and Di's for Coffee (or in my case, tea)

Di and my hubby
This is DJ (Dorky Junior) a rather fine example of a Dorking cockerel!

We came home with eggs fresh from the chicken which, frankly, is just a little bit eeeuuuuwww but we're told the will be DELICIOUS - will let you know . . .

Welcome to Tuesday fellow followers

Here it is Tuesday morning and looking singularly dull and grey out there . . . . like it might, well, rain! It's certainly no cooler than it was this time yesterday morning but hey - this is the U.K. so you KNOW it can't last!

Trouble sleeping again last night because of an alarm - this time it was our own house alarm!!! TWICE. Fortunately, hubby was down those stairs like greased lightning and had silenced the alarm within a minute but we failed (in the middle of the night so no BIG surprise) to find a reason so ................. bright and early at stupid O'Clock he was there with his screwdriver, dismantling the offending alarm sensor. Once we vacuumed the spider and cobweb out of the sensor he put it back together again and we're hoping for uninterrupted sleep tonight! Blooming spiders!, it's not even like it was a particularly big one either.

Out to lunch to day with friends who are ex-neighbours - should be very nice as it's been a while. They are both recently retired and making the most of it and with our travels too we've found it difficult to co-ordinate our diaries since Christmas so I guess we've a lot to catch up on. I shall try and get some piccies . . . . . if it doesn't rain. I'm looking forward to meeting D.J. (that's Dorking Junior, their Dorking Cockerel!).

Have a good day and stay cool and dry!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Not melting anymore!

Evening all,

Pleased to report that I'm not melting anymore . . . it's 20º here now instead of the nearly 30º of late and that suits me JUST FINE, I've even turned the fan off!!!

Grocery shopping all done, thank goodness, for a while anyway and I was able to work on my first proper grungepaper project. I've had some grungepaper for a while but the last time I tried using it - it soooooo didn't work!, and I kind of gave up with it. HOWEVER, this month's issue of Craft Stamper came with a great free stamp and I decided to stamp and cut out four images and then colored them using distress inks in Mustard Seed, Shabby Shutters, Spiced Marmalade and Fired Brick - Naturally, I used Diamond Glaze (like Glossy Accents) to stick the layers together. I think it looks OK but would love to hear what you all think too.

I guess this means the anniversary cards live to fight another day!!!

Hope you've all had a good day too and have managed to stay cool and dry - I hear some places have had rain!
I see I have a couple more followers and would like to welcome you all - thanks for looking peeps!

Monday again . . . . it's a whole week now!

Since I started my first ever blog - still a work in progress but I now know a whole lot more about how they work than I did this time last week!!

Still hotter here than Hades but we're informed that the weather will break ...... by Thursday. Without the benefits of air conditioning then, sadly, this can't some soon enough for me. Much longer and there will be a puddle - which will be all that's left of the melted Kathyk!! eeeuuuuwww.

As for what's on the agenda today, well I have two commissioned anniversary cards to make (one 50th and one 60th - and us only notching up 24 years this August!) - though neither of these is ultra urgent as one's in August and the other September, and my dear hubby has threatened me (brave man that he is) with (arggghhhhh) grocery shopping!!! Tough choice but I THINK the anniversary cards might win!

I've also received in today's post a lovely letter and ATC's (which I swap) from a lovely crafting buddy in Cornwall, so Hello Linda! Guess I should get on with some ATC's for our exchange . . . . . wonder what I can conjure up for her. She has sent me these two lovely ATC's - the oriental image looks like Hero Arts and the other used a Pink Gem image

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hotter than Hades again ......

Is it me, or is it about as hot as you can get without meltinggggggggggggggggggggg? I don't really "do" heat and struggle to sleep. Last night I finally managed to get off to sleep only to be awakened around 02:00 by someone's car alarm - It was still going at 09:00 but boy, I bet their battery will be flat soon!

It's another lovely sunny day here and looks like being another hot one so not planning anything, I already feel like a wilted lettuce and it can only get worse! Hubby will be off to the flying field - must remind him to take his hat.

Me? I think a little crafting though truthfully I should push the vacuum through the house and do some ironing before it gets much hotter but I don't feel like doing either, so as they say - maybe tomorrow!

Don't know what you all have planned for today but - STAY COOL

Saturday, 26 June 2010


Our BBQ went went well though, if I'm honest, it was actually a bit toooooo hot this afternoon. Neighbour (and friend) Jenny went home to watch the end of the tennis and to sleep off her one lager and we adjourned to the garden to enjoy another!!!

Ooops, my slip (pers) showing!!!!
Hubby, enjoying a beer (or two!) following his labours on "THE SHED"!!!!
As it started to get dark, we enjoyed another lovely colourful sunset!
And as I sat there pondering the imponderable I did think . . . . "I really must tidy my craft area!!!" so - goodnight fellow crafters.

Welcome to my blog followers

I've been doing this blog lark almost a week and have picked up a few followers - I recognise all of you so thank you very much for your support - I hope that my blog will continue to be of some interest to you as I get more "au fait" with how the blooming things work!!! I'm still such a novice and probably doing umpteen things wrong but hey . . . . we all have to learn!
For those of you rivetted by the progress of "The Shed" I would like to tell you that it's finished!! Yes, that's what I'd LIKE to tell you but the truth is a smidge different! Actually, I just looked out the window to see how it was doing and . . . . . . there's glass in "them thar windees"!!! Sadly, it may not show up in the photo but . . . here's my "NEW" shed. I'm told it's completely finished except for the opening bar on the window (and the clearing up!!!!) - I'm well pleased as it means no more hammering and banging and my washing won't come in with a fine layer of sawdust on - like it did the other day!

I'm happy shed owner once more!!!!!

Sketchie Challenge over on Craftbubble

Over on within the Lets Get Stamping group there's a little challenge each week and this is today's sketchie from which we have to make a Tutti Frutti themed card. BBL with my take on said sketch - in the meantime you MAY salivate over KarenL's lovely sketch. If you're not a member (either of CB or the LGS group) then why not pop along and have a look or have a go?????

As you can see from the card below, I've now completed my sketchie challenge with the twist "Tutti Frutti". I downloaded a sheet of A4 "fruity" background paper from and cut a strip to place down the side of my C5 card. I stamped the pear image on textured cream card and using versamark ink and Rubbadubbadoo "Roman Gold" embossing powder and then coloured using twinkling H2O's before distressing the outer edge using shabby shutters and pine needle inks and rounding the corners. Using a fancy corner punch I cut a piece of light green and adhered my image panel. I cut a larger red panel and rounded the corners then, using a white gel pen drew a border. I stamped the sentiment on off white card in Memento Tuxedo Black and cut round it, adding a piece of green ribbon behind. I then finished it off with two die cut butterflies one on top the other, to give an element of 3D and added pearls down the body; then three white satin ribbon flowers and Voila!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Update on THE Shed!

Well, the sun is CLEARLY over the yard arm and it seems unlikely we'll be as lucky as yesterday when a friend turned up (about now actually) with a bottle of very nice M&S Cava as a thank you for hubby's assistance with her dilapidated gate!!!!! So the long and the short of it would seem to be - open a beer!! It's Friday and Hubby HAS been working very hard on said shed. That said he DID get distracted by the perpetual fly pasts carried out by a very old Tri Star plane and as an enthusiast this meant frequent dashes for the camera!!! HOWEVER, this is how the shed looks now! It IS coming along and it just needs the windows doing, one window frame is made but needs the glass and then will be ready to fit and the other "hole" needs a custom frame! Ho hum - all terribly technical - now, where's that beer?

Have a fantabulous weekend all, whatever you have planned


Set about some crafting . . . . thought I should try and do something other than a card and was inspired by a recent giftie from fellow crafter Katiejane . . . . now Katiejane is both clever and creative and proved a hard act to follow but here is my little gift wallet for things like buttons, confetti, small images etc.

Gift wallet, closed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and open!

Hope you don't think I've wasted my morning!

It's coming along . . . . .

Well, hallelujah - shed proceeding nicely - there is a distinct possibility that it might get finished before rainfall!! Mind you - SHOULDN'T it be chucking it down today and for the entire weekend? Well it IS Glastonbury weekend!!

This is where we got to at 10:30 this morning . . .
I'm off for some crafting and will be back after lunch. I know you can't contain the excitement so DO pop back later to see how the shed's coming along - and there might be a craft project to show too.

Well it's FRIDAY so welcome to the weekend

And in our house Friday often means the circulation of e-mail "funnies" - this one came to me recently and kind of fits the bill . . . . the caption that came with it was . . . . . what you can do with a pound coin on a Sunday night!! Imagine turning up for work on Monday morning . . . to THIS! You'd have to be off your trolley (sorry!!)

And since it IS the weekend, why not combine your favourite rock band and a bottle of wine?

Have a great weekend folks.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Shed stuff

Hard to imagine I know but it's galloping toward 9:30p.m. and there's still "shed stuff" going on. Today has seen the acquisition of "glass" for the new windows and the making of the frame for said windows..... personally, can't get excited about it but I know it will be HUGELY improved when it's finished - shame we don't have a guinea pig that might be enjoying living in the shed once its done, but ...................! Wonder what hubby would say if I asked him if we could paint it . . . . . . purple! I'm not too sure but I reckon that the second word might be .... OFF!

Sorting out the window frames and gluing them together

Shed's looking good!!!

Till the morning, bloggers ....................

Back again and I've had a little time to craft!!!

Here I am - back again as it's several hours later and I've FINALLY managed some crafting. I made this card simply because I wanted to use my beautiful Hero Arts "Silhouette Grass" stamp and my Black Soot Distress Embossing Powder and MICA powders . . . . .I stamped the Grasses first time using versamark ink, sprinkled EP and heated then stamped again (much lower) using Aged Mahogany D.I., sprinkled EP and heated again. Once cooled I rubbed the excess away to reveal some of the finish underneath. I then used my Tim Holtz blending tool and distress inks in Milled Lavender, Dusty Concorde, Chipped Sapphire and Aged Mahogany on the white card and, whilst still a little damp, applied a mica powder in an iridescent pink before setting with hairspray. And yes, there's PURPLE involved . . . . AGAIN!!! Then, taking three each of two designs of holographic butterfly peel off made them 3D and placed them on the grasses. The panel was then layered on to black card and silver mirri card. I stamped the sentiment, using memento Tuxedo black, on to white card and then mounted on to silver mirri card using two silver star brads and then abutted my panel to the main image panel and stuck down, finally finishing the card by applying gold stickles round the sentiment. So, I've shown the completed card below left and a close up of the 3D butterflies below right - whaddya reckon?

It doesn't get better than this!!

Well hubby's gone off (as promised and without me!) to get glass for the shed. Now you might think this would allow me some quality time for crafting but, no, I have a pal coming for coffee so it will be nattering instead. HOWEVER, hubby has also promised that - if it doesn't rain - he intends to go flying this afternoon. Those of you who know my hubby will acknowledge that he is every bit as obsessed by his hobby as I am with my own - which suits us both now we're at home together every day. This promised flying time WILL leave me with some quality crafting time so ...... watch this space - BBL

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Now apparently I'm a real numpty!!

Here I was thinking I'd be all clever and put a slide show of some of my craft works on my new bloglet but hey . . . . . can I work out how to do it? Not yet I can't but I will never let it defeat me and will keep on trying - hmmmmmmmm, wouldn't recommend holding your breath whilst I do so however.
Anyway, the shed has taken up far too much of my day and there was nothing for it but a little light crafting. I rediscovered my favourite punch whilst sorting out my craft stuff last week and I just love collage-y things (though often wonder whether it works when I do it - but then doesn't everyone?)and my new fave toys which are MICA POWDERS and Distress Inks so off I went. I had this fab Paris collage stamp and I used D.I. in spiced marmalade, tea dye, fired brick, aged mahogany and black soot to colour the textured cream card. I then stamped the image using versamark ink before applying mica powders in blue, white, gold and bronze and then setting with hairspray. The trick then was to get a photograph which showed stamp properly - hope you think it works!
Hope you are all having a good day - catch you next time........

Wednesday 23rd - Too Exciting for words

No, honestly, I could hardly contain the excitement when my hubby suggested we "fix" the shed . . . well, I can see his point - it's 25 years old and looking decidedly tired but . . . who refurbishes their shed? So, he set to work sawing timber and preserving it and then the banging and hammering started! This morning dawned and I was treated to a trip to Screwfix and B&Q as part of the quest for the perfect shed. So, now it's 3:00pm and I've no crafting done today but the shed is looking nicer than it has for years - yes, the side on the right is the newly refurbished part!!!! Wonder if it will last another 25 years!
Now it's time for a cool drink and some serious crafting . . . . BBL

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well hello to all my readers (if there are any yet).
Today dawned nice and grey but it HAS brightened up considerably. It was just as well since I was meeting up with a fellow crafter this morning, at our local Hobbycraft. My crafting buddy was Lilian (aka DUDLEY) and we met on the crafting website, she lives about twelve miles from me so we meet up as often as time allows and usually have a mooch round Hobbycraft and then next door to Tescos where there's a Costa Coffee inside. Lilian's a cross stitcher whereas I'm a rubber stamping card maker so we each have very different things on our shopping list which is why I spent less than £20 and she spent over £50!!! Hmmmm - My list WAS very short however, and yet I still managed to buy more than I planned - Pro Markers were SOOOOO not on my list but they WERE half price AND are the newer colours so how could I resist? A nice pot of tea and a chat afterwards until the lovely Ron (Lilian's hubby) came to drag her and her stash screaming off in to the sunshine! Enjoy playing with your stash Lilian.
Here's my own meagre haul

Monday, 21 June 2010

My first blog post!

Well, after much hemming and hawing and gentle persuasion from others I FINALLY decided to start a blog - I hope I can something interesting to say each day!

Today I've been concentrating on making anniversary cards as I've a great number to go out in the next month.