Thursday, 24 June 2010

It doesn't get better than this!!

Well hubby's gone off (as promised and without me!) to get glass for the shed. Now you might think this would allow me some quality time for crafting but, no, I have a pal coming for coffee so it will be nattering instead. HOWEVER, hubby has also promised that - if it doesn't rain - he intends to go flying this afternoon. Those of you who know my hubby will acknowledge that he is every bit as obsessed by his hobby as I am with my own - which suits us both now we're at home together every day. This promised flying time WILL leave me with some quality crafting time so ...... watch this space - BBL

1 comment:

judie said...

its good that you both have hobbys, Pete used to fly rc planes, could never understand the need to take a plane out that had received so much love and attention and then bring back a couple of hours later smashed to pieces !!! Men, the only world to describe it lol xx