Friday, 25 June 2010

Update on THE Shed!

Well, the sun is CLEARLY over the yard arm and it seems unlikely we'll be as lucky as yesterday when a friend turned up (about now actually) with a bottle of very nice M&S Cava as a thank you for hubby's assistance with her dilapidated gate!!!!! So the long and the short of it would seem to be - open a beer!! It's Friday and Hubby HAS been working very hard on said shed. That said he DID get distracted by the perpetual fly pasts carried out by a very old Tri Star plane and as an enthusiast this meant frequent dashes for the camera!!! HOWEVER, this is how the shed looks now! It IS coming along and it just needs the windows doing, one window frame is made but needs the glass and then will be ready to fit and the other "hole" needs a custom frame! Ho hum - all terribly technical - now, where's that beer?

Have a fantabulous weekend all, whatever you have planned

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My name is Wynneth said...

Nice plane Kathy!!!!