Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday 23rd - Too Exciting for words

No, honestly, I could hardly contain the excitement when my hubby suggested we "fix" the shed . . . well, I can see his point - it's 25 years old and looking decidedly tired but . . . who refurbishes their shed? So, he set to work sawing timber and preserving it and then the banging and hammering started! This morning dawned and I was treated to a trip to Screwfix and B&Q as part of the quest for the perfect shed. So, now it's 3:00pm and I've no crafting done today but the shed is looking nicer than it has for years - yes, the side on the right is the newly refurbished part!!!! Wonder if it will last another 25 years!
Now it's time for a cool drink and some serious crafting . . . . BBL


Lauren Hatwell said...

What can I say, I'm teetering on the edge of overwhelmed,though I have to admit your shed looks fab. It would be ever so slightly more exciting if I could see crafting stash oozing from every orifice but not a ribbon in sight. Hey ho.... Lauren x

Craftyrose said...

Fab shed Kathy! I am so envious of your screwfix visit! NOT!!