Saturday, 26 June 2010

Welcome to my blog followers

I've been doing this blog lark almost a week and have picked up a few followers - I recognise all of you so thank you very much for your support - I hope that my blog will continue to be of some interest to you as I get more "au fait" with how the blooming things work!!! I'm still such a novice and probably doing umpteen things wrong but hey . . . . we all have to learn!
For those of you rivetted by the progress of "The Shed" I would like to tell you that it's finished!! Yes, that's what I'd LIKE to tell you but the truth is a smidge different! Actually, I just looked out the window to see how it was doing and . . . . . . there's glass in "them thar windees"!!! Sadly, it may not show up in the photo but . . . here's my "NEW" shed. I'm told it's completely finished except for the opening bar on the window (and the clearing up!!!!) - I'm well pleased as it means no more hammering and banging and my washing won't come in with a fine layer of sawdust on - like it did the other day!

I'm happy shed owner once more!!!!!


Dora said...

Wow Kathy this looks like a nice happy shed :)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Forgot to do my HP quote yesterday. Today's is one of my favourites, Its "WHERE HAVE YOU
BEEN? Oh, Hello Harry, dear. BEDS EMPTY, NO NOTE, CAR GONE". Yeeha! Still boiling hot here. Really fed up with it now. Phew!

My name is Wynneth said...

Congrats on your first blogaversary your Purpliscousness :o) Well done you :o) So good to see the shed (almost?) finished LOL