Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Welcome to Tuesday fellow followers

Here it is Tuesday morning and looking singularly dull and grey out there . . . . like it might, well, rain! It's certainly no cooler than it was this time yesterday morning but hey - this is the U.K. so you KNOW it can't last!

Trouble sleeping again last night because of an alarm - this time it was our own house alarm!!! TWICE. Fortunately, hubby was down those stairs like greased lightning and had silenced the alarm within a minute but we failed (in the middle of the night so no BIG surprise) to find a reason so ................. bright and early at stupid O'Clock he was there with his screwdriver, dismantling the offending alarm sensor. Once we vacuumed the spider and cobweb out of the sensor he put it back together again and we're hoping for uninterrupted sleep tonight! Blooming spiders!, it's not even like it was a particularly big one either.

Out to lunch to day with friends who are ex-neighbours - should be very nice as it's been a while. They are both recently retired and making the most of it and with our travels too we've found it difficult to co-ordinate our diaries since Christmas so I guess we've a lot to catch up on. I shall try and get some piccies . . . . . if it doesn't rain. I'm looking forward to meeting D.J. (that's Dorking Junior, their Dorking Cockerel!).

Have a good day and stay cool and dry!


My name is Wynneth said...

Hope you have a yummy lunch and a great catch up session today :o) It rained for us overnight but the sun is now shining again, so I'm happy (well as happy as I can be stuck in the office!!)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Why can't it be follow the butterflies? Glad to hear you seem to have got it sorted and hoping you get a good night's sleep tonight. deeply jealous of your day already. Chickens!!!!! Lx