Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well hello to all my readers (if there are any yet).
Today dawned nice and grey but it HAS brightened up considerably. It was just as well since I was meeting up with a fellow crafter this morning, at our local Hobbycraft. My crafting buddy was Lilian (aka DUDLEY) and we met on the crafting website www.craftbubble.com, she lives about twelve miles from me so we meet up as often as time allows and usually have a mooch round Hobbycraft and then next door to Tescos where there's a Costa Coffee inside. Lilian's a cross stitcher whereas I'm a rubber stamping card maker so we each have very different things on our shopping list which is why I spent less than £20 and she spent over £50!!! Hmmmm - My list WAS very short however, and yet I still managed to buy more than I planned - Pro Markers were SOOOOO not on my list but they WERE half price AND are the newer colours so how could I resist? A nice pot of tea and a chat afterwards until the lovely Ron (Lilian's hubby) came to drag her and her stash screaming off in to the sunshine! Enjoy playing with your stash Lilian.
Here's my own meagre haul


judie said...

cant wait to read all your comings and going lol xx well done on not spending much xx

Lauren Hatwell said...

Way to go Kathy..whoop! whoop!. Knew we'd wear you down in the end. Love this background. SOOOO YOUUUUU! Scrumptious! Great name for your bloggy too. Again, says it all really. Love it.

Lauren x

Craftyrose said...

lovely promarkers as well Kathy! Looking forward to more magic purple moments!!