Wednesday, 7 July 2010

And it is, a Wonderful Wednesday, that is!!!

Morning blog followers (as I hope I still have some after the technical difficulties of yesterday), it's a dull grey day here which started with a bit of a bang as we were wakened by the sound of the doorbell this morning. Hubby went to the door and as he shut it once more I heard "What HAVE you been ordering?". Well, truthfully the answer was nothing . . . . . so there was nothing for it but to rip open the packaging and find out who had sent me such a large (and heavy) package! Turns out it was my prize for having had an article published in Issue 80 of Card Making and Papercraft and the reason it was so heavy? Well here are the contents of said package, which included 100 white and ivory cards with envelopes! Although I'm no quiller (I did once take a class and that's where I discovered I don't have the patience!!!) there are a number of things in the prize which I shall use like the spiral roses and the cards and I simply HAVE to keep the purple quilling and pokey tools now - don't I?
No idea what might be on your agenda dear reader but have a Wonderful Wednesday - I intend to!
Be still my beating heart as I'm pleased to report all back to normal on the messaging front AND I seem to have all of the comments made yesterday to - FAB - thanks everyone for their patience and perseverence!


Lilian said...

CONGRATULATIONS Kathy. Its always nice to get something you don't expect. Enjoy your prize. Lilian

Karen said...

Well done Kathy! very nice too.


My name is Wynneth said...

What a great way to start your day Kathy :o) Well done, you've lots of goodies there to play with :o)

Dora said...

Woo hooo Kathy, congrats again from me.. What a lovely package there.. Enjoy it xxx