Sunday, 25 July 2010

Anya Rocks!

Only a smidge of crafting today- after getting the sewing machine out to repair a skirt I thought I might as well make use of it to feature sewing on a card . . . so here's "Anya Rocks"!!! I had some bits left over from yesterday's dragon sketchie and I hate waste so . . . . I found that the leftovers all fitted reasonably well on to this card and I hope you'll agree too. Catch you tomorrow dear reader as we're out to dinner with friends this evening, enjoy your evening however you spend it.


Cherry said...

I hope you are having a glorious evening out Kathy with good friends, food and wine. I love this card for its purpleness and its sewing and of course its hippy chicness. Your balloon ride sounded lovely too. Cheers Cherry XXX

Dora said...

Purple again he he .... :) This one really rocks Kathy, I love it, what a sweet stamp... I should try to use purple on my cards.. did you notice.. I never do!!! And I see yours, they're beautiful xxx