Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dorothy was in good spirits

Dorothy was in good spirits when I got there. I nipped in to Sainsbury's on the way to her and decided against flowers (the prospect of her struggling to top up and/or change the water clinched it for me) so headed for the choccie section. Magnificent . . . . they had a special offer on Milk Tray where you paid less for twice as much choccie - so that was a bit of a result eh? Dorothy declared herself delighted saying no-one had bought her choccies since Christmas! YAY - good call. She was a bit more chipper and was actually munching on her lunch as I left.
Whilst I was at the choccie acquisition stop I nipped in and bought a new garden ornament to compliment my "new" shed!!! We had previously had a purple flower "windmill" which over time had faded and was now ripping so now we have a bright shiny (literally as it has little gemstones on its wings!) butterfly fluttering in the garden - the color choice really shouldn't come as any surprise to ...... well, anyone!!!!


Lilian said...

I love the butterfly,k i knew it would be that colour Take care lilian

judie said...

what a great butterfly, i saw some purple flowers today near the school and instantly thought of you lol

judie xx

Murrays through to the semis !!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Love that butterfly Kathy. Its soooo YOU! Gorgeous colour too. Glad to hear Dorothy was feeling chirpy too. Sounds like a good day all round.

Lauren x

Debs M x said...

love that butterfly, glad your chocs went down well x

My name is Wynneth said...

Lovely new garden ornament Kathy, so pretty with the gems on the wings. So pleased to hear that Dorothy was feeling good and that the choccies were the perfect pressie !


Karen said...

Very nice Kathy, and no other colour would do would it..... lol.