Monday, 19 July 2010

Hello and welcome to another week . .

How's it all going for you?
My week started at stupid O'Clock with the alarm going off as I had an appointment in the centre of Bristol at just after 09:30 - since hubby and I gave up work we seldom need to set an alarm these days and 07:00 has almost ceased to exist for us!! By the time we hit the centre of Bristol we were already reminded of WHY it was that we had given up working in the the city centre! Traffic is vile in the centre of Bristol!! Still, we made it to my appointment a little early and I swear that was only because the UWE (University of the West of England) is out for the summer break!. Not really sure why we bothered as I was only in there for twelve minutes so we were back home and had the kettle on within 90 minutes of leaving home!! Still, all done now and I can get on with the rest of my day.
Hubby has finished putting the first coat of paint on in the kitchen and now we're literally waiting for paint to dry!!! It's new plaster so we absolutely know a second coat will be required as the first was diluted so coverage isn't going to be great. It will be nice to have the kitchen finally finished so we can move on to the next room requiring decorating - but which? The second bedroom, the study (far too small to call a bedroom) and the lounge are all due for decoration. Don't know about you (dear reader) but it's mostly the prospect of having to empty the lounge of EVERYTHING so we can replace the carpet, which is putting me off - that and the fact I really like the colour as it is! Ho hum . . . . I guess such vagaries of domestic life affect us all and I should just shut up and deal!
Anyway, STILL got one anniversary card commission to complete and shouldn't put it off much longer as I also have to get the card to the person who commissioned it . . . . it's based on a card already posted here so you won't see it later, but I MIGHT get to craft on something else whilst I'm at it so please feel free to check in again later and see how I got on!
Happy Monday!


Lauren Hatwell said...

I'm so impressed that you're already contemplating the next great decorating adventure BEFORE you've finished the one you're on. I would already be formulating a plan to get out of it myself. I salute you.... Lx

Brenda Brown said...

I used to love decorating but now I craft every spare moment, but I should finish work this week oce I get all my paperwork done and that will be it for the summer.
Thanks for looking at my air show pics - I bet it was a fantastic trip on the Airbus A380, simly a magnificent plane. We didn't see the red arrows today which surprised me, perhaps they are only going to do the public days on saturday and sunday. Still a week of planes - I don't mind.
Take care.
B xxxx