Monday, 5 July 2010

Here we are again, the start of another week!

And what a weekend that was?!?! What with meeting up and having a laugh with relatives on Friday, Thornbury Carnival and meeting up with a chum on Saturday and dragging my hubby (not quite kicking and screaming as it happens!) to the ArtStamps Show in Newbury on Sunday it really shouldn't come as any surprise to my fellow readers (and I hope there are some of those!) that today appears to be completely blank in my diary with the MOST important project of the day being (apparently) to buy some milk!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG - that CAN'T be all I have to do today, can it?
Guess not, I have washing, I have ironing, I have all sorts of domestic drudgery but nothing really NICE to look forward to.
My friend from a couple of doors away had a minor crisis of the hedgehog kind at the weekend and had to borrow a shoebox from me to take a little hedge piggie to the vets on Saturday. FORTUNATELY, the vet was able to save the prickly one and this morning said prickly one is moving house from Jenny's greenhouse to a hedgehog sanctuary in Portishead - not sure whether my friend will require company or assistance with this project but I'm up for it if asked.
Other than that dear reader/s (!) I may just have another go at the fab sketchie of Lauren's from craftbubble and see if I can produce something that ISN'T a Christmas card as I seem to have become obsessed with them this year - with my count standing in the low forties made so far this year!!!
Of course, all this talk about Christmas makes me think of Christmas crafting on QVC where I like to craft along with Dawn Bibby et al and tomorrow will be no different, check out the show timings for Tuesday here
Have a very MELLOW MONDAY peeps hope to BBL with a sketchie creation . . . . . .


scrappyjacky said...

Nothing to do,Kathy!!!!! There's always crafting to do!!!!

Kathyk said...

You are so VERY right Jacky and I have a second sketchie project in mind............ Crafting would ALWAYS win over domestic engineering (housework!!!)