Sunday, 25 July 2010

A history lesson!

It's early so I don't have much to write about yet today so, a recent history lesson instead!

A question over on the general chat forum on craftbubble has set me thinking . . . the question was about balloon rides and whether you would ever take one. Well, I'd always fancied the idea (even though I don't do heights) and, for my 50th birthday (which btw DIDN'T hurt a bit!!) we booked a balloon ride whilst on vacation in Florida. In fact if you go here and check out the calendar for May 15th 2007 (yes, I know - that makes me 53! go ahead, rub it in!), click on the date and behold a piccie of us all in our balloon's basket should appear! The first photo displayed here shows an area of Disney property as we left the ground, bearing in mind this was about 07:00 it was still a bit dark so the pix a bit grainy. As we flew onward the sun started to come up and we were treated to the sunrise shot and then the third photo was almost at the end of our flight, and shows a hotel which is only about 1.5 miles from our house!!!. It so weird, we met about three miles from home and were driven to the launch site which was further still. After we landed we were about three miles from home but in totally the opposite direction! We toasted our flight with a glass of champagne and (because it was my birthday) I won the cork which got fashioned in to the shape of a balloon!!! which, as you can see, I still have!! It was a fab day and I would love to do it again some time - maybe soon!!!!

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