Thursday, 29 July 2010

How's your day going?

Morning everyone,
All 29 of you - can't believe I have 29 followers as I type this and I'd like to say hello to all of you. I've been doing this blogging lark now for a smidge over a month and wondering why I held off for so long. Well, I always thought that no-one would want to read about me and my life and my crafting and, looking at some of my posts, that is sometimes the case but it is so lovely to see some of the other posts where people have taken the time to write some very nice things about my work so, thank you all.
Anyway, enough about that . . . . . . wasssupppp? I hope you all have more exciting days planned than I do because all I have going on today is a home chiropody visit this evening - dullsville itself though my chiropodist (Olivia) is lovely.
Last night was a trip to our local Indian restaurant where I let the team down by needing a bib!!! Wouldn't you just know it was because I was wearing a brand new top and that it was black and white and the curry sauce? Well, where else but on the white bit?!?!??! BUM - straight home to change, leaving hubby to entertain our guest with his skills of bottle opening whilst I gave the top a quick spritz of stain remover and washed - hooray - the stain came out and the new top gets to live another day. The food? Was well worth the horror of leaving the restaurant with a yellow chest! I'm just hoping that our friend will forgive the fact that I should have been wearing a bib and come out with us again! To everyone else, if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Frenchay Hospital then the Indian restaurant about 500 yards from there is well worth a try.
Back to Thursday, hubby is off out with our neighbour this morning and will be trimming the monstrosity that is our front hedge . . . . it stretches across the front of our three properties and is about 8' high - it's a job and a half so thank goodness it doesn't need doing too often. As his reward he gets to go flying this afternoon - only fair if he's worked hard this morning. So this will leave me able to craft ............. so we're both happy.
Do feel free to check back later to see what I've come up with, it's always nice to "see" you.


Lilian said...

Thank you as well Kathy for taking the time to give us something nice to read. well done.
Take care lilian x

Craftyrose said...

I always do the sauce accident as well Kathy! Baked beans are my favourite accident sauce! have a fab day! You know where I am! At work!

Dora said...

Hi Kathy... mine's ok thanks, just returned from work and now checking the blog land he he :) Thanks to you too for dropping by everytime I do a new post, I appreciate you taking your time to come by :) xxx

Lauren Hatwell said...

I like to throw my sauce around as well Kathy. You are not alone and The Law of Sod is always fully operational I find.

Sounds like a busy day all round. Lx