Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Morning and welcome to Triffik Tuesday

Hoping this post finds you all well this morning. Is it me? Another hot and sticky one here in the house of purple - this doesn't suit me at all you know, huffing and puffing and looking all hot and bothered - I'm guessing that not a lot of people look good that way!!
Anyhoo, busy old day for me with little chance of crafting - unless I'm really quick and careful . .
First off meeting up with a pal I've known since primary school (back when Noah was still building his boat!!). We meet up every couple of weeks, for coffee and a natter, which is nice.
This afternoon I have a physio appointment where the lovely Pete will inflict pain for money!!! Hmm - there could be a future in that! I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow but I usually leave these sessions feeling like I've gone ten rounds with Henry Cooper . . . . and lost!
That's at 3:00 and hubby's agreed with the surrogates (Becky and Chris) that we'll head down to theirs for about 4:00 where (I understand) Steve and Chris will be dismantling Harry's play swing (now he's 7½ years old) and put together it's replacement . . . . a trampoline. In return, I get to amuse Becky (who's on summer vacation from the special needs school where she works as a teaching assistant) and they will feed the pair of us. Now this is usually a treat for both of us - me because I enjoy Chris' cooking and Steve because it means he doesn't have to! I should explain that Chris is currently employed as a Head Chef! - now you're drooling with me, aren't you?
So that takes care of Tuesday . . . . may get to check back later but otherwise - see you tomorrow people and have a truly triffik Tuesday.

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