Sunday, 18 July 2010

Morning everyone

And how are you all today? Well I hope.
The weather's pretty ghastly looking outside all grey and a bit soggy, hubby's a bit worried that this may put a crimp in his day as it really doesn't look like flying weather and that will upset him a bit!! He's fairly intrepid and prepared to stand in the middle of a field for hours at a stretch . . . but not if it's raining or very windy - 'cos that's just plain MAD! I'm hoping that things will improve to allow him to head off as this means I can craft without guilt for a couple of hours AND play my new Ozzy CD ("Scream") with the wick wound up. I have a couple of cards I need to make, an anniversary card commission and a challenge card I didn't quite get round to yesterday.
Be sure and check back later to see if Wing Co. Biggles got to fly and whether I got to make one or both of my cards ........................................... thanks for stopping by.


scrappyjacky said...

Hope Biggles gets to fly.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Me too. I'll be sure and check back later to find out. Lx

Brenda Brown said...

Hubby ought to be here, plenty of things flying in and out of Farnborough airport today getting ready for the airshow this week. Tell him I saw the Dreamliner this morning as it flew over our house to do a fly over and then agin as it came in to land. Hope he got to fly as well.
B xx

Kathyk said...

Oh, he would have liked to have seen that Brenda. We keep meaning to go but never quite getting round to it!!!