Monday, 12 July 2010

Morning readers

DULL DULL DULL - describes both the weather and my day . . . . NOTHING planned other than a trip to the garage to collect parts ordered last week and a trip to Screwfix to return some "stuff"!!! I can hardly contain my excitement, matched only by the weather - oh except that it rained overnight thank goodness, so the grass is probably super grateful - not so the patio furniture (but it'll dry!)
Yesterday's BBQ is all cleared up but we are left with one knotty problem . . . what to do with all that beer!! Normally, we get through a fair bit at a BBQ with all the surrogates present but we had Harry in attendance this time so had to at least TRY to behave like responsible adults! Alan was driving and Chris was on the chilled water and we all drank less because it was a Sunday and most people had to get up for work this morning . . . . not US btw!
Volunteers to assist us with our knotty problem should aim to arrive once the "sun is over the yard arm" and will be directed to long stay parking!!!!!
Have a great Monday everyone


My name is Wynneth said...

I'd be right over to help with the 'beer lake' Kathy, only problem is I have a 6yr old and a 12yr old to look after :o( So I'd better be a 'responsible adult' too!!!!

have a great and relaxed day :o)

Kathyk said...

You're excused then Wynneth!!! Hic!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Alright, I'll come over and help with the beer lake but not for myself you understand...just to help you out ;oD

Sorry to hear its drudge today but at least I hope it leaves you free for something more exciting tomorrow...

Lauren x

Dora said...

Sorry to hear about the weather over there being so dreary, well at least it was ok for the BBQ :)

Katiejane said...

Oh that does sound dull, BBQ sounded fun though! We had a storm a couple of hours ago that was the biggest I've ever seen! Thankfully the temperature has dropped now!
Hope your day gets more exciting!

scrappyjacky said... is no incentive at if it was Archers!!!!!

Kathyk said...

I'll just check and see if we've any for you Jacky - start the car!