Monday, 5 July 2010

My husband's on a roll!!!

Would you believe that the shed saga continues . . . . not content with refurbishing the OUTSIDE of the shed, he's now moved inside and the large, cumbersome and space consuming, piece of work top (which has been in our garage since our house refurbishment was completed in April 2009) has been re-homed in the shed!!! We've had a piece in there for his tools and (longer ago) bedding plants etc and this has bowed and distorted over the years so the time has come to replace it. I've been out there, briefly, assisting with the whole "left a bit, left a bit, up a bit" thing and now it's screwed in to place and the old piece is in the car on it's way to it's final resting place at the local tip!! THEN it was decided that we should have a bit of a turn out . . . not exactly the day for it but hey ....... had to be done, so now my back lawn looks like armageddon just happened at our house and the car will shortly be FULLY laden and heading tipwards! YAY - can't imagine why on earth we thought we needed to keep 20 year old glasses collected back when Shell used to give them away for "FREE", nor that "GORGEOUS" copper tray, jug and six tankards (for those of you who might not be sure - THAT was indeed sarcasm!!!) - still, not going to have them for much longer!!! AMAZING what you find tucked out of the way isn't it?
I shall head back to my ATC challenge from my Isle of Skye trading buddy (PAM) momentarily but wanted to share this excitement with you all as I know you all probably feel familiar with my shed by now!!!


Lauren Hatwell said...

I really cannot believe you are consigning all these TREASURES to the tip.....LOL....Lauren x

Kathyk said...

Yep, all gone, gone, gone!!! Hurrah