Friday, 30 July 2010

Research concluded - second post for Friday (please scroll down for the first one)

Well, we found the garden centre and YES, there IS a craft store contained within and yes, it's a decent size to make it worth a looksee when my crafting buds from Saltash and Upminster come to visit. It has quite a nice little giftie section and a coffee shop too so we might spend a happy hour or so and come back the scenic route to make it more interesting and then we can crack on with the serious business of the weekend . . . . . which is crafting!! What a surprise??? So, Lauren and Wynneth - all we need now is for it to be August 13th and we're ready to rock and roll! Whaddya reckon, can you wait?? I hope we'll get to post some of our projects on-line too.

As to my canvas . . . well I've distressed two "tickets" and then crackle painted with the luscious rock candy before we went out this morning and this dried whilst we were out. I then inked the crackles with Distress Inks in Black Soot and set aside whilst I decide on positioning and then applied mod podge in clear lustre to my grungepaper flower and sprinkled with holographic glitter - this is now drying too . . . the bulldog clip is really only there because that's what I used to hold the flower whilst I applied the mod podge and glitter!!!! Not sure how much more I'll get done today but watch this space


Lauren Hatwell said...

Ooooh Kathy, I don't know where to start. I can hardly wait until the 13th...woohoo! Crafty shop looks fab. I'm absolutely sure we'll find something to tempt us there.... Yahoo!

As your your canvas. I'm enjoying watching the construction phase enormously. That flower is just too luscious for words....

Lauren x

Cherry said...

Looks grand Kathy (where abouts is it - my side of Bristol or Rosie's?). You are going to have a ball.
That flower is gorgeous - really stunning - can't wait to see this one take shape.

Hugs Cherry XXX

Dora said...

This place looks huge.. wow all those craft supplies!!! Time is getting closer for me to go to Orlando.. can't wait he he :) PS I tried to log on at Michaels get those free vouchers you told me about but it seems it's only good for US addresses :| My luck :) Hugs xxx

Kathleen said...

Love the flower you've created, wish I had the patience to make a few.

My name is Wynneth said...

fabuloso flower you have there mrs k! I can hardly contain myself I'm sooooo...... looking forward to the 13th :o) Need to decide what to bring with me as I'd need a truck to bring everything!!!! You did really well with your research, this craft store/garden centre looks fabby, can't wait to get browsing the shelves :o)