Saturday, 3 July 2010

Thornbury Carnival

Hi there, back from the Carnival - it was blooming hot!! Lots of floats including these two!

Would you own up to being SQUARE? The Yanks are coming!!!

Hubby was busy with his buddies from here all day and was more than happy to spend his time flying his models and chatting.

Hubby playing "Biggles" and "Piggles"

Me? I'm a bit more interested in the other stands and meeting friends, if you want to see the stands in attendance then check out here

I would have liked to have attended the Artstamps Show at Newbury but hey, it's not all that long till I'm off to one of the crafting centres of the Universe (that's FLORIDA!) and will be saving myself for some serious shopping there, along with some friends who will be "shopping for all they're worth" too! I just hope the husbands are ready for this!!! I guess the long and the short of it is "I CAN WAIT"!!! My husband already reckons I have one of EVERYTHING anyway!! (bless!).
Anyway, back to the day in hand, I met up with friend, Lilian and her husband (the Lovely Ron) as they live in Thornbury and it was too good an opportunity to pass on.
Anyway, after several hours we left feeling exhausted, hot AND sticky!!! but glad we went!! .............................. Maybe Artstamps next year!!!


Karen said...

HI Kathy, glad you have a nice day, lovely pics too, my favourite the piggies, of course.


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a great day,Kathy....and pennies saved for Florida.

Kathyk said...

P'raps not though since I realised Artstamps is on over not one but TWO days!!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Don't tell Biggles but I love those Piggles too. What a pair of sweeties. Looks like a fun time was had by all. It does look HOT though...phew!

Lauren x

Kathyk said...

It was blinking hot there, I reckon we'd have stayed longer if it hadn't been so hot - of course, it MAY have been a mistake to try the locally made habanero sauce too!!!!

Dora said...

Hi Kathy seems like it was lotsa fun here ... lots of people too, glad you enjoyed it after all :) xx

My name is Wynneth said...

Looks like a fab day and doesn't Biggles look sweet (but don't tell him I said so!!!!)