Tuesday, 27 July 2010

the trampoline!

Having been summoned to the surrogate daughter (and partner's) home this afternoon we had been warned to expect to assist in the dismantling of their sons climbing frame and the erection of the replacement . . . . a trampoline!

Taking it apart was a doddle, but we discovered that the trampoline required 7m headroom and this meant pruning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and clearing up!! Then - who'd have thought that erecting a child's trampoline could be QUITE that tricky. Hmm, this meant reading the manual . . . . and NOBODY likes to do that - do they? It was a doodle until it came to attach all those pesky little springs - blimey they proved tricky until Steve worked out the trick!!! The rest of us could only groan at this point, rats! Once we'd sited the blooming thing, put all the tree trimmings in the bin and cleared up then Becky decided it was safe to come home and she simply had to give it a go to make sure Harry would be safe using it!! Harry is away at the moment so it will be a nice surprise for him on his return. Of course, the instructions DID say no adults but . . . . . Once it was established that the trampoline worked it was on to dinner, steak in a ciabatta roll and potato wedges - it was YUMMMMMMY, all washed down with a glass of chilled white - splendid!
We were also celebrating the fact that Chris has a new job - CONGRATULATIONS to you Chris -we hope you will enjoy your new job.

Hope you enjoyed joining us for this exercise - we charge by the hour by the way!!!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Pleased, nay delighted, to see you achieved your goal and the trampoline is now in situ. Can't help noticing there are no children on the trampoline. Are you sure its not for mum and dad?


Lilian said...

I would have to have a go to. Glad you all got it sorted, it sure will be a lovely surprise for Harry.