Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wow, Thursday already . . .

Where does the time go? It seems I only turned round and it was Monday but hey . . . . my mum always reckoned time ran away with her as she got older and wiser too! (not at all sure about the wiser bit - her or me!).

Anyway, just a quick post from me today as I am on hospital duty with my pal Dorothy,with fingers firmly crossed that all will go well at today's meeting with her anaesthetist so that she can have her operation in August and regain some freedom to move about in her own home once more. No idea how long I shall be with her at the hospital but I should get a wiggle on - don't want to be late as I have no idea where anywhere is at this particular hospital . . . or where we can park!!!

In addition to yesterday's fairy card I stamped a second image and coloured her yellow . . . . in the end I used the pink on my card which left the yellow one screaming to be used, so I made her in to an ATC . . . . Have a wonderful day everyone.
Updated to add that the appointment at the hospital was a success and Dorothy's op should go ahead, as scheduled for August 3rd - fingers crossed that it won't be cancelled - YAY!


Lauren Hatwell said...

And very nice she is too Kathy. Lauren x

xxxtglxxx said...

awww, this is cute! :) Is it really only ATC size!:) lovely colours, nice and cheery!

Glad your friend will get her op! Great news!
take care xxalisonxx

Kathyk said...

Yes, it honestly is only ATC size!