Tuesday, 3 August 2010

2nd post for Tuesday - please scroll down for the earlier post

Right, been for my lunch - and very nice it was too. It was great to catch up with Naomi and Andrea and the food was good too. Bottelinos do a pizza or pasta special at lunchtime for £4.95, so it was three pizza's, three bottles of water and three coffees - so easy to divide up the bill - we didn't even have to take off our shoes and socks to work it out!!! I meant to get a photo but forgot my camera so here's the photo of the three of us, taken at Bottelino's two years ago, about this time and YES, they do know it's appearing here! And I hope they will forgive me but it has to be said that we haven't changed that much - I'd like to think I'd lost a little weight but hey...... so it's (left to right) Naomi, me and Andrea.

When I got home I found that hubby and neighbour, John, had virtually finished THE HEDGE and it now looks like this, so I think we're calling that done till next year too. At least it's tidy inside and out and they didn't get wet, though it's raining a treat now!

I've come in and made us both a cuppa and thought I would post this update before settling down to some crafting for the afternoon.

So, thanks for looking . . . . catch you tomorrow when UGLY (my car) goes in for repair because it's shocks are leaking!! and you KNOW THAT won't be a cheap day out!


Karen said...

Glad you had a nice lunch Kathy, and this is a lovely picture too.

The hedge looks lovely and tidy too.


clare said...

looks like you had a great lunch and what a bargain too. X

My name is Wynneth said...

Appears a good time was had by all then Kathy! Such a yummy sounding lunch too and a nice surprise to find the hedge has had a 'short back and sides'.


Kathy said...

Love your hedge...what perfection and the background to your blog is so beautiful!