Tuesday, 10 August 2010

2nd post for Tuesday - please scroll down for the earlier post

And what did I buy in Newcastle? Well those of you who know me will be surprised (or, more likely, astonished) to hear that we didn't even visit the metrocentre!!! My trip to the wonderful Razzberry Bazaar snagged this fantabulous (well I think so anyway) shirt - they usually only ever make two or three items in a particular fabric so it's extremely unlikely I shall ever run in to either of the other lucky owners! You can view their stunning range of bohemian fashions here, should you so wish.

Next we visited Imagenations, a craft store for me where I was extremely reserved and this is what I bought there. I know, I know - it's not up to my normal stash but I AM saving myself as I do have two lovely crafting buddies coming to visit (and craft) with me this weekend and I have found somewhere that we can all shop together so I needed to keep a little something in reserve for this weekend!!!!

However, my husband had no qualms whatsoever at our next shop stop . . . . and spent loadsa money - but he's happy and this trip was for our anniversary so I'm happy if he's happy!
We had fully intended to go to Hartlepool to see the Tall Ships but joined the traffic jam whilst still some twelve miles out and decided that we didn't want to see them QUITE that much! Would probably have been fantastic had we persevered but we were only there four four days and wanted to pack as much in and that didn't really include two hours in a traffic jam . . . so we turned north and tooled up the coast instead!!, seeing some really pretty views instead - maybe next year!

I think that really is about all of the photos from our trip to Newcastle . . . next real photo opportunity will be this coming weekend when Lauren and Wynneth come to visit me from Essex and Cornwall respectively. I met these lovely crafting ladies via a crafting web site and think we've become really good friends as well as crafting buddies since then, so much so that Wynneth and her hubby will be meeting up with my husband and I in Florida, in October (Lauren may or may not be joining us too). I am hugely looking forward to Craftapalooza and the prospect of showing Wynneth (along with Karen and Katie) my favourite crafting haunts - and its only 56 days away, that will soon roll by.

Right now, given that this is the second post of the day please don't forget to check out the earlier post for more piccies (if you haven't already) - I'm off to visit my friend, Dorothy, who's in hospital following a knee op last week. This evening I'm off to physio and this morning I was at the hairdressers so a busy day for me . . .

Have a splendid Tuesday, despite the weather which (btw) is chucking it down in those blooming stair rods again in Bristol!!!!


My name is Wynneth said...

A nice little craft haul there Kathy, and I am pleased to note that you restrained yourself in anticipation of the coming weekend's craft-a-thon and shopping spree!

Hope your hospital visit finds the patient well on the way to recovery and that the 'stair rods' have abated somewhat (yes, I do remember them, both sets of my grandparents had them on their stair carpets!)

I adore your red shirt and after I've finished writing this I shall be hopping over via your link to have a 'butchers' - do they do mail order? ooops!!!

scrappyjacky said...

Very reserved,Kathy....but no doubt you'll make up for it at the weekend!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Well I'm glad you saved some money for the weekend Kathy. Loving the look of what you did get. Lx

Craftyrose said...

Hmn I wonder where you will be taking the little pair of intrepid crafters! Lovely little haul of stamps there Kathy! I especially like the look of the wee girlie, very sweet. I am amazed at your reservedness though. I know it won't last though! Hope to be back in our ususal spot some time soon. xx

Kathyk said...

OF COURSE THEY DO MAIL ORDER Wynneth - ask for Jane!