Wednesday, 18 August 2010

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Good news dear reader/s!,

UGLY passed its MOT, which really shouldn't surprise me since yesterday we put a new tyre on it and only a short time ago UGLY presented me with a fairly hefty bill for a replacement shock absorber so it really should have sailed through!! When we got to the garage we were a smidge early and had planned to walk to the wonderful Northey Arms (where, apparently, Noel Coward had once worked behind the bar!) and take a leisurely lunch. Of course, you know the best laid plans sometimes go awry . . . . well, they were a bit slack so took UGLY straight in and called us back before we had the chance for lunch and, since we weren't hugely hungry at the time (isn't that always the way?) we decided to return to the garage and then come home . . . . so no lunch for me at all!!! So I'm now feeling a bit cheated!!!, but relieved that my car isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg!

So it was back home to continue my hunt for my mojo . . . nope, looked there before, and there - still missing! Hmmm - it had better come back soon else there will be hell to pay! I have, however, managed another ATC using an image thoughtfully provided by Lauren and I even managed to use my new acquired cutters "stamper" blade and sneaked in some perfect pearls on the "artistically altered" sentiment!!! Hmm - maybe I left my mojo in the car . . . . BBL, once I've checked.


My name is Wynneth said...

Shame about the lunch Kathy (or should I say lack of!!) but good news your passed your MOT :O)


Lauren Hatwell said...

What a shame you weren't feeling hungry Kathy. Looks like a lovely place too. Glad to hear Ugly came up trumps with the MOT and good to see you putting those images to such good use. Love that ATC. Lx

sugarstamp said...

I thought that was your HOUSE in the picture at first!! I'm thinking, WOW, how cool is that! LOL
LOVE the ATC. I made one once, they are not easy. Yours is great.
Also, wanted to thank you for posting on my card at the Penny Black blog :-)

Kathyk said...

I WISH! Lovely building though, eh?