Friday, 27 August 2010

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Well, my days seldom seem to go as planned. I HAD planned to go visit my pal Dorothy but when I rang the hospital to check the visiting times I was told she had changed wards so I got put through to there . . . only to find out she'd been discharged. So, I rang her home only to get her answering machine - blimey she's feeling better I thought! Not so (sadly) she just couldn't get to the phone quick enough and before she had time to ring me back my neighbour asked me to accompany her on a short train journey so now I shall visit Dorothy on Sunday instead.
My neighbour wanted me to go with her as she took the lovely Robbie (aka NIGEL, the Lhasa Apso) on his first journey by rail as she's off to Cornwall next week and it's a long old journey with an upset dog!! We joined the train at Bristol Parkway stopping at Filton Abbeywood, Stapleton Road, Lawrence Hill and then Bristol Temple Meads - a nice little journey of about a twenty minute duration. At Temple Meads we stopped at the coffee shop for two lattes and a little snack before getting on a train and coming back to Bristol Parkway. And Robbie? He was a little treasure, VERY well behaved and got lots of people talking to us including a nice gentleman who offered assistance with getting my pal and her wheelchair on the train and who also shared a photo of his two spaniels with us - dog lovers on average are just such nice people.
The first photo shows the view from Temple Meads in the general direction of northern traffic and the second southern traffic, as seen from my seat at the cafe and bar as signed in the 2nd photo. Temple Meads, for those of you who don't know, was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and is actually quite an attractive and historical building, opening as it did in 1840!!!!
There, that was today's little history lesson - hope you enjoyed your trip to Bristol! Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend everyone, hubby and I are off to dinner with the surrogate family this evening and, as he's a chef, that'll be very nice.


Dora said...

Nice to hear what you been up to today, and thanks for the history lesson too he he . of course all was knew to me xxx Enjoy your dinner and happy Bank Holiday.

My name is Wynneth said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Bristol today Kathy (and so much less tiring than the last journey and a lot faster!!) I knew Robbie would love his adventure, Bless :O)


Lauren Hatwell said...

You are so lovers are SUCH lovely people. Glad your test run went well and I do hope Dorothy is coping at home with her new knee. Lx