Tuesday, 10 August 2010

3rd post for today - just a quick update

I found Dorothy bruised and battered but, according to her surgeon, the operation was a success and (should she so wish) he is quite happy to do her other knee too. Other than being strapped in to a cunning little device which I believe is designed to flex the muscles, she also seemed in quite good spirits but, as with most patients, glad to see someone from the outside world!!
If anyone has need to visit Southmead Hospital over the next year or so then please be prepared for TOTAL CHAOS - I wasn't!! I'd been there only about two weeks ago with Dorothy when she went for her pre-admission appointment and it has changed beyond recognition in that short a time!! I parked (very wisely as it happened) on one of the local side streets and walked in but there were trucks, road sweepers and cars all trying to find their way about (mostly with little success) and people in hazard jackets directing traffic - perhaps not their vocation though judging from the fact that I saw several of the same cars heading back the way they came before I found my own destination.


Lauren Hatwell said...

So glad to hear Dorothy is on the up and up. I hope she'll be reaping the benefits of her new knee very soon. Lx

Craftyrose said...

Thanks for the warning! I'll definitely do my best to keep away form Southmead!

My name is Wynneth said...

Hopefully I won't have to be in this location Kathy!!!!

Good to know that Dorothy is doing well and recovering quickly.


Kathyk said...

I hope you won't either.


judie said...

Hi ya, sorry to hear your news, but hopefully all will be better for her now. Southmead know that hospital so so well, its the bigest hospital ive ever seen, you were so wise to park outside as well. I used to get so lost there, but as we are there so much i feel like an old hand

Hope you are diddling well hun xx