Monday, 30 August 2010

3rd post for today - just a quick update - don't forget the earlier posts if you haven't already!

My friend rang me this afternoon to ask me if I would like to accompany her, and her new Lhasa Apso Robbie (aka NIGEL) to the dog walking field for an hour. Well the exercise wouldn't do me any harm (quite the reverse in fact) so we piled in to her car, loaded her mobility scooter and headed for the field. As we were unloading her scooter some wildlife took a bit of an interest - we did wonder whether it was a cat/dog kind of thing and whether World War III was about to break out but it seemed to be more of a cat/car thing and after studying my friends hoist and being petted for a few minutes it just headed off in to the sunset - leaving us to "saddle up" and do likewise - for an hour. Robbie was exceptionally good considering she's only had him for a couple of weeks and it was me that let him off his lead - he didn't cause any trouble with the many and varied other dogs we encountered and came when called - yes, all in all - a success! BLESS!

It was BBQ weather today, Bank Holiday, and we could scarcely believe it when it was still SUPER WEATHER around 4pm so my OH decided to light the BBQ sharpish and make the most of the opportunity. He loves to BBQ as it just makes a change from him cooking in the kitchen - I love it too as it means that not every pot, pan and utensil in the house gets used!!!!

Besides, I was chillin' out over a glass of chilled white and finishing my Dick Francis book - which I now have! My hubby does a very nice BBQ chicken breast with salad and stir fry veg, all washed down with another glass of chilled white! We sat out there for an hour or so and put the world to rights and tried to identify cloud shapes . . . . can you? No, me neither! Still, as clouds go, it was not an unattractive piccie eh?

And, after all, in typical Bank Holiday fashion, there wasn't a whole lot on the telly after all!

Hope you all enjoyed a fun Bank Holiday too.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Oh NO! Have I missed the BBQ? I can't believe it... hmph! Mmmm sounds like you've had a lovely relaxing day (if you miss out the shed painting bit). Well worth it though. That shed is looking MAGNIFICENT.

Lauren x

Lauren Hatwell said...

I can see an elephant by the way. HOW can you miss an ELEPHANT? Must have been the wine. Suggest you give me any that's left... Lx

Brenda Brown said...

Glad you had a good day, we weren't so lucky with the weather this side, much more grey cloud than you. So we stayed in, but I have got a few things done ready for the week.
Take care.
Luv B xxx

Kathyk said...

You're seeing an elephant Lauren? BLIMEY - you sure it's not time to call those men in white coats??

Karen said...

I don't do barbie, but I do like looking at clouds too, we were doing it on the way home from Whitby yesterday. I see a person flying - arms outstreched and their heads in the middle, do you see it..... lol.

Fleur said...

Hi Kathy, sounds and looks like you've had a fab day. I can actually see a dove!
Hugz Fleur xXx

Katiejane said...

Oh Kathy, you have to be the luckiest lady I know! I wish Sascha did all the cooking and your BBQ Chicken with stir fried veg sounded YUMMY! Not only did we not have a bank holiday yesterday but it hammered it down all day!
Lovely pics, have a great day.
Katie x

Kathyk said...

Personally I can see a dog with big flappy ears but I guess that's where Lauren's elephant comes from too!

Anyone see anything else in the clouds?

Oh and I AM the luckiest lady in the world to have the hubby I have, Katie - thank heavens!

My name is Wynneth said...

I can see the elephant too Kathy (!?!) and I also see an alligator to the left of the ellie :O) I love watching clouds too Kathy but especially 'cloud busting' - choose one of the clouds and concentrate on dispersing it. Don't know how it works but it does, time and time again - spooky!!! So pleased to see that your BBQ went well, our dinner bangers got barbied to within an inch of their lives too! Tom loves to barbie, but he was taught at the 'turn everything into charcoal' school of catering :O(