Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Alright - who took my mojo?

Honestly, after such a fun and creative weekend I was SURE I would get cracking and want to craft to my little hearts content - using all my fab new stash. DID I?? That'll be a no then . . . . after all my company had gone I thought "I'll just put a wash load in and then crack on with breaking out my new stash"! Didn't happen. All I managed to do was find a home for most (not all - not yet!) of my stash and cut out the unmounted stamp plate!! I did break down the fabulous (but over packaged) scrapbooking kit acquired from Costco - some really pretty papers hiding underneath those albums too - not that I needed papers but hey, rude not to use them eh?
Finally came to the conclusion that one of my crafting buddies must have packed my mojo with their craft stuff . . . . but they both claim not to have so, if you see it - please send it home as I have challenges I need to complete! And here you see the challenge for the Craft Mad and Loving It group over on craftbubble - with the twist that it should be an easel card and contain "BUBBLES"?!!!! The themed challenge this week is "Celebrations" - but that's very much broader and I happen to have bought the perfect Crafters Companion stamp for that one!

Other than that, I guess today is going to feel VERY dull after the busy busy busy weekend so I hope to find something to entertain you later or tomorrow - so have a triffik Tuesday and think of me and my excitement, getting a new tyre put on UGLY in preparation for its MOT tomorrow!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you're all crafted out!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

I haven't got it...honest! I volunteer (selflessly of course) to come back and help you search for it if you like.... ;oD

SallyB said...

Hello hello...You naughty trio!!! What a weekend! Phew...busy or what!
Thanks for the e-mail and the link to your blog. Sorry not been on craftbubble for a few weeks but I am logging your blog to my side bar so I can keep an eye on you now.
Someone has got to!
Chat to you soon...x

Kathyk said...

Great to see you Sally, welcome.

Lauren - you are such a hero, I reckon it (my mojo)might have been vacuumed up with the glitter!!! BUM!


Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Hope you find it soon Kathy - have you looked under the bed?

judie said...

im laughing so much after reading all about your frolics of your craft weekend, hope you find your mojo soon hun xx

clare said...

have you found your crafty mojo this evening? which one of your crafty pals stole it then, do i hear lauren shouting 'wynneth made me do it'? X

Kathyk said...

Well, neither of them are owning up so I guess I SHOULD look under the bed then!! Perhaps I'll find the acrylic blocks Lauren's left somewhere too!


Janet said...

Looks like you had a fab weekend! Hope your mojo comes back soon!x

Katiejane said...

I hope that Mojo turned up Kathy! I always dread trying to squeeze new stash in overflowing areas so I don't envy you! I look forward to the Kathy K Mojo return and what you make with it :)
Katie x

My name is Wynneth said...

I'm happy to come back up to help search for the missing mojos Kathy, but do I really have to go via Reading?? LOL ;O)