Thursday, 26 August 2010

First post of the day - check back later for any updates

Here we are then, Thursday again - hope your week's going well peeps and that the inclement (?!) weather isn't causing too much trouble to you.
Well, as to be expected, last night's dinner went off real well with the menu consisting of mushrooms stuffed with goats cheese and then a Jamie Oliver beef (and stout) casserole accompanied with new potatoes corn and broccoli - Debbie doesn't really "do" desserts so it was organic melon - and very tasty too. All washed down with a couple of glasses of rather nice red!

The decorating? Very nice a fawn-y grey colour apparently called "Potters Wheel" and some smart new Grey/black/white curtains to finish off - all very tranquil and tasteful - wish my house looked so fresh and tidy!
I'm wearing the new top acquired during my shopping foray yesterday too - lush colour isn't it? Mind you, it was like blooming winter last night (should've worn a vest - if only I owned one!) so I kept the black cardi on!
No idea what's on the agenda today, weather forecast's still pants so definitely not planning to go out for a walk anywhere! Hubby's beavering away on the dreaded Tax forms - asked me for a tax declaration on one of my bank accounts - simple? Not so, logged in, got the message that the form was available . . . . click on it . . . BINGO - LOG IN SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did that again just to make sure it wasn't me - which it wasn't. So that was the end of it for the day - got up this morning to have another go before conceding defeat and ringing them and there it was - looking like it was pretending to have been there all the time! So I guess I'm on tea and coffee runs till the form's done - least I can do as it's like having my very own accountant!


Lilian said...

Very nice you look to. Glad you had a good time, Lilian xx

Brenda Brown said...

Glad your evening went well Kathy. Lovely coloured top but it's not purple tee hee.
See you back here later.
B xxx

Dora said...

Hi Kathy, I'm back finally!!! Had a great time in Orlando and thanks to you found me some lovely stuff from Michaels :)))

Lauren Hatwell said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely time. I, too, am deeply jealous not to have a fresh and tidy house but have to own that my most coveted item is your own magic mirror under the stairs...

Gorgeous top. Looks lovely. Also loving the colour on the walls in the picture with Debbie and her glass of wine. Gorgeous! Like that a lot. Lx

My name is Wynneth said...

So pleased to hear that you have a great evening. Your new top looks delish - fabulous colour which really suits you.

I keep saying that if I could only get my house into a tidy state, it would be easy to keep it that way! I think there at least half a dozen car boot sales and umpteen trips to the charity shop before I could even achieve a modicum of tidiness!!!!!