Friday, 27 August 2010

Friday fun - this one's really for the technophobes!!!

Morning peeps,

Another weekend looming and a long one at that - hoe everybody has something nice lined up - preferably not weather dependent - well, it IS a Bank Holiday and you know that normally means it won't be BBQ weather!!!

I'm off to a neighbours for coffee in a mo, visiting my pal Dorothy in hospital this afternoon and dinner with the surrogate family this evening so a pretty full on day for me. But still time to post the Friday funny - which some of you may already have seen (and I apologise for this) but I thought it too cute not to share with you!
The accompanying caption reads:
"I can't respond to any more e-mails today as something has crashed on my computer and the mouse is missing!!!"
Hope you liked this week's funny!


Jane said...

Awww cute!

Sorry not been around Kathy, how are things with you?

Jane :0) xxx

Spyder said...

Thank you Kathy!!(Just read your comments)We're not at home at the moment, and hubby has just walked through the door (ouch!!...where we are dog sitting, with my Cardmaking & PaperCraft mag!!(after going home first) Luckily the picture of me is nice and small and not too scarrrrry!!!

Spyder said...

Sooooo funny, and tooo cute!!

clare said...

LOL!!! brilliant piccie. hope you have a good day and fingers crossed about the BH weather. X

Karen said...

I thought this was brilliant Kathy.

SallyB said...

Hi Kathy....
Awww.... this is so adorable! Couldn't you just tickle his tummy!
I was just wondering if you are a Big Brother watcher as the winner is a girl called Josie who comes from Bristol. She speaks with a lovely ooh-Ahh accent!
And well done for guessing that we went to Cadbury World in Birmingham! Bought a ton of chocolate and ate quite a few freebies. Naughty but very very nice.

My name is Wynneth said...

I loved this when I got the email Kathy, thanks for putting it in a prominent place in blogland :O)


Jodi said...

Oh how adorable!! Very cute and sweet!!
Jodi =)