Sunday, 8 August 2010


It's hubby's and my 24th wedding anniversary today and this is why we've taken a few days away. I'm not allowed to take the lap top or net book so I've posted this before leaving and am just hoping that the weather is kind to us whilst we are away.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY hubby!, and many more.
I'm imagining all kinds of shopping and self indulgence and lots of lovely places to visit. I made sure my camera battery was charged before leaving home!
Please leave any message or news as a comment and I will catch up with you all when I get back.


scrappyjacky said...

Happy Anniversary,Kathy...hope you've had a great day.

Cherry said...

Happy Anniversary both - hope you are having a lovely time and an especially wonderful day today. Hugs and confetti wishes Cherry XXX

Debs M x said...

Happy Anniversary Kathy and hubby, hope you have a lovely time x

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

I hope you had a great time away and a splendid anniversary. Congratulations
Hugs Helen x

Karen said...

Happy Anniversay Kathy and Steve, hope you've having a nice time in Newcastle.

Lauren Hatwell said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Aaaand Maaaaany Moooore (not easy to sing by mail but you get my drift).

Hope you're having a fabulous time and missing your cheery newsy news iyswim. I suppose we can just about spare you for a special occasion though.

"You can go but be back soon. You can go but bring back plenty. I loves ya that's why I, say cheerio and not goodbye....." I'm chuckling now. I feel sure you'll be bringing back plenty of crafty bargains. Lx