Monday, 2 August 2010

Hello and welcome to another week . .

Wot? Monday again?

This morning saw us heading off to Gloucester for a 10:30 appointment which detained us till after lunch - hence the lateness of today's post - for which I apologise. HOWEVER, the meeting went well and our plans to head off north for a few days later this week are back on - we were afraid we would have to cancel our plans but, no - YIPPEE. It's our 24th wedding anniversary on the 8th so we thought a few days away would be nice. Anyone got any nice ideas for places to visit, around Newcastle? It's not a part of the UK we've really visited and, aside from the super, Razzberry Bazaar I have no plans at this moment in time.

Anyhoo, some of you may be curious to see how the canvas is coming along . . . I have temporarily removed the tickets and bulldog clips as I decided to have another go with the distress inks (Fired Brick) around the edge and also more of Sir Tims lovely industrial cog stencils. Then I took some Diamond Glaze and added some clear glass beads, some gold micro beads and some bronze roxx beads and this is how it looked at 2pm . . . . (above and right) check it out . . . loving those Roxx beads so much with the micro beads that I just had to put some more on!! Unfortunately, I also decided that the chain link looks much better than the raffia but I have to work out how to join the two ends as (sadly) Diamond Glaze didn't work! - I've now tried the glue gun and its holding . . . . at the moment! The project is now (as far as I'm concerned) finished. I've been working on this for longer than pretty much anything I've ever tried and I can't see for looking and I've second guessed myself that many times I just want it done now. I DID add some more Roxx AND more micro beads AND more glass beads too. I added pewter metallics rub ons round the outside of my paper artsy melt art and white perfect pearls to the clock face itself. I hope you like it and feel it's been worth following its progress. Now, where to hang it and please don't suggest the loo!!.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Its gorgeous Kathy. I think you should hang it in the hall where everyone will see it. Lx

Brenda Brown said...

Woo hoo Kathy, it is fabulous. Love how you have changed it and that melt art piece is amazing. Also like what you have done with the beads.
It's great when a project you have spent alot of time on comes to fruition. Great job.
Glad you've had a good start to the week.
Luv B xxxx

Jodi said...

This is really neat and pretty Kathy!! I think you should hang it up for everyone to view!!
Jodi =)

My name is Wynneth said...

It's truly STUPENDOUS kathy ! real work of art! Love that grungepaper flower :o) Guess I'm now forgiven for pushing you into the world of canvass work now then huh? ;o)