Sunday, 1 August 2010

Hello and welcome to AUGUST

Where's the blooming year going? Still, another month brings us closer to Craftapalooza which, for me, is only 65 days and counting. You think I'm looking forward to this? MUCH? You betcha. I can hardly wait. Woke up during the night (think I was hot) and couldn't get back to sleep so got up and did my mound of ironing and while I was absentmindedly flattening creases I was mulling over where we craftapalooza-ites will go . . . should we go to Lakeland Art and Glass first or Violettes?? I really think it ought to be Art & Glass first as if Violettes is the first stop it might spoil everything afterwards - it's like a little Aladdin's Cave crossed with Santa's Grotto - the others are going to LOVE IT. For those of you living in an alternate reality and blissfully unaware, Craftapalooza is going to take place mid October in Florida where a couple of the craftbubble regulars have coincided their vacations and will be overlapping - far too good an opportunity to miss, so there will be Wynneth arriving first, then me followed closely by Karen and then Katiejane. As you can imagine, there will be much crafting and chatting and a bit of socialising - who knows? We might even manage to play tourist . . . . a bit! There is the possibility of at least one other crafter but the jury is still out on that one, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, enough of that - other than the fact that August is here and starting off dull and very grey hubby and I have no plans for it. We had hoped to go away this coming Thursday for a few days but have a meeting tomorrow which might scupper those plans - will let you know how that goes. If all goes well we plan to head off for a few days in the general direction of Newcastle, with the intention of returning home Monday or Tuesday of next week.
My surrogate daughter's just gone home again having been here for a couple of hours and we've been making a scrap book of photos as a gift for a teaching assistant, leaving this coming week. She works at St Christophers school, as a teaching assistant, working with children who have special needs. We've been chopping and punching and sticking for all we've been worth, aided and abetted by a glass of chilled white!
So, it's on with this week's themed challenge for the Craft Mad & Loving It group (over on craftbubble) which, this week, is to be "Arty Farty"! As you might imagine there have been plenty of jokes about flatulence but I bet very few of the cards will be! I guess (if I finish it) my canvas could count???????.


Brenda Brown said...

Your crafting holiday sounds as though it's going to be great fun. I've never been to the east coast always go to the other side to California. Lovely country though.
Hope your weekend has been good. We got to bed at 3 am after the BBQ, there was plenty of bitter and wine flowing hehe.
Luv B xxx

Dora said...

Wow this Craftapalooza sounds lovely!!! Wish I was going in October to Orlando not in August, it would have been nice to meet you all xx