Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hump Day Wednesday already!

And here goes nearly another week . . . I'm so excited as I have Lauren and Wynneth coming to play this weekend and we'll chat and craft and chat and shop and chat - getting the picture? Last night I booked the restaurant for Friday night and hubby's kindly offered to cook Saturday for us - a treat indeed. It should be said that neither Wynneth nor Lauren have done anything to offend me hence my not cooking for them!!!! I have recce'd our shopping haunt for Saturday morning so there will be crafting Friday afternoon, dinner Friday night, shopping Saturday morning and much crafting (possibly with our purchases) in the afternoon and then dinner Saturday night and a crafting brunch Sunday morning before they head homewards clutching their purchases and crafty makes. I'm also excited because Lauren has snagged me one of the scrap book kits from Costco and I have a paper kit (from Costco too) for Wynneth and Wynneth has some card for me so we've already got goodies coming at us from all directions!!!, hardly need to go craft shopping do we??? YIKES, what am I saying?!!?!?
Anyway, having done no crafting now since last Wednesday, other than to mount my SWALK "Little Madam" stamp set on to Klingon I'm off to catch up with my sketchie and themed challenges, as set over on Craft Mad and Loving It on Craftbubble - not that I can post the makes on there as there is something VERY PECULIAR going on with craftbubble at the moment and none of us seem to be able to log in at the moment. So we've moved, temporarily, to here in order to keep in touch - see you there perhaps!
Hope to be back later as it seems that I post more than once each day - how sad am I?
Have a wonderful Hump Day Wednesday, however you plan to spend it.


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a great weekend planned,Kathy.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Well I can hardly wait either. I'm SO excited. How lovely of Steve to offer to cook for us on Saturday. What a sweetie he is. I am very excited as I know he's an accomplished cook. This weekend just looks better and better ALL THE TIME! Woohoo! BBC BBC BBC BBC! You know what I mean......