Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More piccies from Newcastle . . ..

Well, dear reader, are you ready for the next instalment? We have just thoroughly enjoyed a few days recreational break in Newcastle. It's 290 miles to Newcastle from home and took a while to get there. We stopped for various comfort breaks and a slightly longer break for lunch, courtesy of the services on the M42!! By the time we, aided by Nancy the Satnav, reached our hotel we were fit for very little other than grabbing a bite to eat and a drink in the hotel bar . . . but we did manage a quick recce around the waterside area as our hotel was right along the waterside and was a pretty nice place for a pre (or post) prandial stroll!!! (oo-er missus!).

And, as a bit of a Harry Potter fan we simply HAD to make the trip to Alnwick whilst we were that far north
. My dear hubby (bless) LOVES museums, art galleries, et al with a passion so when we found out that the admission to Alnwick was going to cost £41 we thought better of it and decided I could manage with a couple of shots of the outside - he (quite rightly) reminded me that I had, after all, dragged him round the Harry Potter exhibition whilst in Chicago last year!!! We arrived on market day and several of Alnwick's streets were closed to traffic and open to stall holders and browsers which was pretty neat. And then, of course, there was the famous Barters Books which is a splendid secondhand book shop. It has to be said that its a cut above your regular second hand book shop though, with first editions spotted at £240. It's also in a truly unique location . . . . a disused railway station where it still LOOKS like a railway station with it's waiting rooms and ticket hall but no railway tracks - easy to get yourself lost in here for HOURS!
Once we dragged ourselves out of there and back through the countryside we thought one of the other sights we OUGHT to see whilst so far north would be Hadrian's wall and off we went. Of course, you would just know that we picked the day when the rain was coming down in stair rods (anyone remember those?) but we were quite lucky in finding some great views of the wall AND not getting too soaked in to the bargain!
So here you can see me, wearing dayglo orange (it REALLY ISN'T quite that bright - I'm sure!) and standing with my back to Hadrian's wall. Once you consider how much older it is than me the orange sort of pales in to insignificance!! - well that's my theory anyway!
I hope you've enjoyed your little foray to the areas in and around Newcastle, we certainly did and would have no problem with returning again at some point. I have crafting buddies in the area too so, maybe next time I could meet up with them . . . would have done it this time but we were supposed to be having a romantic little break to celebrate our TWENTY FOURTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and I thought that might not go down too well then!


scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like the area is packed with interesting things to do and places to see.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning! I'm really enjoying my virtual tour of Newcastle. I do hope Tourist Information is paying you for this informative stroll around the finer features of Newcastle...


My name is Wynneth said...

Great second instalment Kathy - Barter's sounds like my kind of place, must remember it if I every find myself in that neck of the woods in the future. As OH is passionate about all things Roman and especially Hadrian's Wall (which he'd like to walk - yes the whole of it!) we may well find ourselves in a northerly location, once the retirement turns from a plan into reality! Great piccies once again too.

Cherry said...

Sounds absolutely fab and we did the same thing at Alnwick in March Kathy - glad it wasn't just us that stood there and said How much?. We loved pottering about Alnwick too and Hadrian's Wall - I think the orange looks very romanesque. Glad you both had wonderful times on your anniversary. Hugs Cherry XXX

Craftyrose said...

Looks like you had a fab time Kathy! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!xx