Friday, 13 August 2010

OH MY! Hadn't realised I'd eaten QUITE that much

Guess this means I'm back on my diet - ooo-er missus!! Anyway, we had a fab meal at the Raj Mahal and Raj was there to greet us and to see us off as we let - stuffed to the gills full of his delicious butter bean curry -mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then we moved on to a local hostelry where the staff were all in fancy dress! Hmm, won't name the pub because it's probably not one we'd any of us recommend!! Still - they sell liquid refreshment which is what we were looking for. After having a drink in this (what could best be described as "interesting") establishment we dropped Lauren and Wynneth off at their hotel with the promise of a reasonably early start tomorrow morning for breakfast snorkers at ours, to set us up for our shopping foray. Then it will be back for some serious crafting - YAY - watch this space tomorrow peeps! I, for one, am hugely looking forward to this and hope we'll all be successful! Wish us luck!


Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Looks like you girls are having a ball. Lucky yous all getting together like this.
Looking forward to seeing the finished projects.
Helen xx

Katiejane said...

That looks scrummy, I do miss a good curry!