Saturday, 28 August 2010

Sketchie Day over on Craft Bubble's CMLI group - 1st post of the day!

Right, this morning I have to get rid of the woolly feeling from last night. We were round at the "surrogates" last night and got home around midnight. We had an ample sufficiency of wine and slightly more food than was probably good for us (but it was so yummy) but didn't sleep particularly well and were awake before 07:30 (I'm an eight hour girl) so its tiredness as much as anything else - least that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. As for dinner, Chris is a Head Chef so you know the food's not going to be "pants" but it was giant garlic and chilli mushrooms to start followed by stuffed chicken and veg and then sticky toffee pudding and toffee sauce - mmmmmmm - shouldn't have eaten it all but . . . . .

As the title suggests it is sketchie day over on the Craftbubble group Craft Mad and Loving It, and without further ado I shall unveil the sketch posted there this morning by the lovely Lauren who also added the twist, which is to feature STARS!!! - Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

So, once I've finally woken up that will be my morning occupied - nothing else to do except watch the laundry going round in the washer - rather like watching paint dry, so always good to have a plan B)!!!

Do check back later and see whether the crafting or washer watching won!

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Lilian said...

Kathy you know tha crafting will win. I know it would here. Looking foward to seeing what you come up with. take care lilian x