Monday, 16 August 2010

Third and final instalment of WYNNETH MADE ME DO IT/Bristol Craftathon

Well now, here's a thing, Lauren said she needed a tutorial on the use of the melt pot and - judging from her photo here this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise!!! Wynneth and I told her that this is not the correct way to hold the lid - but would she listen?
Anyway, I reckon the melt pot was a success as Lauren was well over half way to finishing a second canvas before she left for home AND had even managed to consume some of the GORGEOUS papers we had snagged in What! (Wynneth was already wishing she'd bought them too - I PROMISE I'll get you some next trip, if they still have them).

Of course, there was EASILY as much chatting and laughing (and copious wiping of the tears of laughter) done as there was crafting and although I cannot speak for Lauren and Wynneth - I HAD AN ABSOLUTE BALL so thanks, ladies, it was so much fun.
Of course, the time came for them to leave for home and Lauren was going to drop Wynneth at a motorway service station so that Wynneth's hubby didn't have to make too big a detour - since the
poor chap had endured the journey from hell on his outbound run! This meant that we had to squish everything they had both brought with them, everything they had both bought whilst here and Wynneth - all in to Lauren's woefully tiny estate car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOPS! It should be pointed out that Lauren's car is actually neither woeful nor tiny!!
Finally they were packed and all that was left for us to do was to say goodbye and wave them off - BYE BYE both - we simply HAVE to do this again! Too much fun not to


Cherry said...

What a fantabulous host you are Kathy and what a fantastic weekend of crafting you have all had - love all the makes and the diary of your experiences. I think you are all so talented and it's so lovely to see people doing something so passionately - especially stash acquisition! Hugs Cherry XXX

Debs M x said...

i second everything Cherry said! x

Lauren Hatwell said...

Hear hear. It was the fabbiest crafty weekend EVER! Can't wait until the next one....woohoo! Thanks Kathy for a totally wicked weekend. Lx

clare said...

such a brilliant time by the looks of it!! i must remember that excuse then.......wynneth made me do it!!! X

My name is Wynneth said...

Aw.... you're all ganging up on me - sniff... sniff.... it wasn't deliberate I just know instinctively what is best for you - honest!!!

It was a seriously splendiferous (when I spell checked this post I realised I put spendiferous -not sure which word is more appropriate really!!!) weekend Kathy, thanks so much for hosting it :o) I too can't wait for the next one! Hope Lauren's new chickie fitted right in with the rest of the crew and that the Bertacious one hasn't taken a dislike to it!!!