Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wotcher peeps

Blinking Tuesday - Monday passed in a blur - if I stop to think about it I shall probably find it's Friday before I finish this post!! The summer is passing so quickly. One of my oldest pals is a teacher so the only time I can arrange lunch with her and another friend (from the same era) is during the school holidays. Now she finished in early July and goes back in late August (or thereabouts) so you would have thought it would be soooooooooo easy to arrange a date for lunch. Well, this is where it starts to get complicated . . . . the other friend works Wednesday to Friday so that leaves us with two days each week, except that our chosen lunch venue doesn't open Mondays! Factor in two anniversary vacations and the fact that the teacher friend has to take her annual family vacation and you are left with ...................... today OR the 31st! I say again, what happened to summer? Still, it will be fab to catch up with Naomi and Andrea (though I see Andrea more often, just for coffee) - will try and snag a piccie via a passing staff member at the restaurant, for posterity!
As anyone that checked my blog will have spotted, I FINALLY finished my canvas but am still not 100% sure about the join on the chain so as soon as I can find a source for the proper metal clip joint I shall get one . . . . . and THEN I can hang it up. I'm thinking the kitchen because hubby's just finished painting it and it's looking just a tad too minimalist at the mo! Alternatively, we only have one piece of artwork hanging in the stairwell (a photo collage of my parents wedding, my brother & SIL's wedding and our own) so maybe it could go there . . .
Anyhoo, BBL to tell you how lunch went! Have a Truly Triffik Tuesday everyone.

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