Sunday, 15 August 2010


This was a cry heard many times yesterday!! And not just from me - in fact I think I even heard Wynneth utter it once!!!
Lauren and Wynneth got to my place in good time and we decided to fortify ourselves for the day ahead with sausage sandwiches before sallying forth on our shopathon. Lauren also needed to upload the sketchie for craftbubbles Craft Mad & Loving It group so there was a slight satellite delay before we hit the road. Then, of course, there were the inevitable arguments with the satnav - why do they insist on telling you to go a different way from the way you think you want to go? Anyway, we made it to the garden centre which, from the outside, doesn't look all that large but inside was like a little Aladdins cave and there, at the back, next to the coffee shop was Carole's Crafts - Yee Haa - a veritable mecca for all sorts of crafters as it also featured goodies to appeal to jewellery makers, stitchers, needleworkers - oh a whole host of thingies to rummage through - and rummage we did! I pointed out their need to stock up on one or two things and we went for GOLD!!!, but Lauren won! The young ladies at Caroles were most helpful and gave us bags and bags (and bags!) and we then trudged wearily . . . . . . the 20' required to get us a table in the coffee shop where Wynneth treated us to coffee and scones (or cake in Lauren's case!). Once we felt suitably refreshed we started checking out the rest of the store . . . . Lauren tried to demolish a display of glass bottles though, thank heavens, there weren't actually any breakages and Wynneth found her final resting place! which gave her and I virtual hysterics and Lauren "virtually" disowned us till she realised we had come in my car!!!! Then it was on to Homesense (who, we discovered, also have a modest craft section which Lauren bought - yes, ALMOST all of it!) and then across to WHAT!! where bargains aplenty were to be had and some particularly gorgeous glittery papers for 97 whole pence!!!! Woo Hoo as a certain blue crafter would say - then we needed further sustenance - all this shopping is so very draining you know - hence the licorice. Hubby rang to say the M4, the M32 and the A4 Bath Road were a nightmare, leaving us trapped and forced to shop some more!!!
Watch for the next instalment of Wynneth made me do it!!!


scrappyjacky said...

Looks like you could all shop for England!!!!

Katiejane said...

Oh my, those are over-flowing baskets, looks like you bought the whole lot and a bit more!
I liked the wine bottle incident and loved the sound of those scones afterwards. Was just like our trip, although a lot more productive concidering they had a craft section!!!!!
Katie x

Anonymous said...

oo I really would have loved to be with you !

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Wow. You girls did go to town didn't you. Congrats on all the purchases. Hope you all got some pennies left for the next shopathon lol
Helen x

Doodles said...

LOL WOW .. You all looked like you had a brilliant time and i can imagine you all had a brilliant giggle. Enjoy your new crafty toys ladies. One question can i come play? *wink*
Have a great week hugs Sharon x

My name is Wynneth said...

What a stirling job you are doing of enlightening everyone on how the weekend went :o) I just can't help myself forcing everyone to buy more and more stash!!! Apparently I am told that I even pick up the blame for internet stash purchases, even though I'm not on-line! How does that work then? I did think I was extremely restrained in my purchases which consisted mostly of storage ;o)

Thanks again for being the Hostess (and Host/chef) with the Mostest!


Kathyk said...

Wynneth - we simply couldn't have done it without you and you were so noble standing back and letting us spend for England netting yourself only bronze - but what fab stuff we snagged eh?!?!?!


Lauren Hatwell said...

LOL....I'm sure Wynneth actually swapped baskets with me while I wasn't looking you know... She's a little minx, she is. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Lx