Monday, 9 August 2010

Yoo Hoo - I'm back

Did'ya miss me? (please don't answer that if the answer is NO!!!). Thought I would post some piccies on Newcastle - which was really lovely btw . . . .

On our way to the hotel the traffic was really backed up on the A1 (for reason or reasons unknown) so we took a detour - how cool was it that the detour took us right past the Angel of the North so we just had to park up and have one of those Kodak Moments!!!

Well we made it to our hotel, despite finding that Satnav didn't realise how many of the streets were one way . . . and that was the WRONG way! Our hotel was really very nice and we had a lovely view of the river Tyne and were just a short walk from the centre of town and the fab Millennium Bridge which tilts - no, honestly, it tilts. We were lucky enough to catch it tilting and just HAD to take piccies - an astonishing feat of engineering - if you are ever there then you should try and catch it. Apparently, it tilts every day at mid day . . . and obviously if boats need for it to tilt to get through then it tilts at other times too.

Our first full day in Newcastle saw us chowing down on the hotels most excellent full English breakfast which set us up for a day's shopping!!! First stop was Tynemouth for the wonderfully bohemian Razzberry Bazaar where I met Jane (who I'd been talking to over the phone for years), she became my personal shopper for the morning whilst hubby yawned and leaned against the railings outside! I also met the owner - a fab soul too. Then it was on to Karen, from craftbubble's recommended stop . . . Imagenation in Washington. A great big barn of a place, stuffed to the gunwales with all manner of crafting goodies - can you believe I didn't spend that much? Reckon I must be sickening for something, but then - I had just bought two tops from Jane at R.B.!
Then it was off to a Hobby shop for Steve - only fair - don't you think? Well, suffice it to say that he didn't mind his one shop (whereas I managed two!) as he was HIGHLY successful in there.
SO - back to Newcastle for the evening. We found some lovely places to eat in the shape of Charlies (champagne bar and restaurant!) and Saffron (Indian cuisine) and then Uno's where the pizza was fantabulous and finally on our last night we ate in the hotel and the fillet steak was DIVINE - helped along by a couple of glasses of what Charlies Champagne bar is famous for!! More piccies tomorrow dear readers . . . . . hope you enjoy peeking at these!


Lauren Hatwell said...

Why its The Angel of the North, back from her travels. Good to have you back. Lovely piccies. Newcastle looks like a place worth visiting actually. Glad you had fun. Lx

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like a great time.....Newcastle looks fascinating...not a place I've ever visited....despite our best friends hailing from there.

Cherry said...

Welcome home Kathy - we missed you! Sounds like you had a fab fab time - well done. Hugs Cherry XXX

Karen said...

Welcome back Kathy and glad you enjoyed your visit to my neck of the woods, shame you didn't have more time up here, we could've met up. Don't you just love the Angel of the North, I love passing it. Glad you found Imagenation too, I think you must be saving your pennies for Florida..... lol
Good to have you back, you were missed.

Debs M x said...

i had a great time when i visited, sounds like you did too! nice to you see you back x

Kathyk said...

Maybe next time Karen, I don't think hubby would have thought much of my hijacking our romantic weekend away in order to meet up with a fellow crafter . . . . but craftapalooza only 57 days away!!!!!!!!! and counting!


My name is Wynneth said...

Ooooo.... fabulous piccies Kathy - I felt like I was there too reading all about your travels!! We drove past the Angel of the North once on our way from Scotland - it's very impressive!

Sounds very much like "a great time was had by all" - glad to hear that you were both successful with your spell of retail therapy ;o) How nice to meet up with a telephone pal, bet you had a ball.

Nice to have you back home safe though! Can't wait til Friday ;o) grin......