Friday, 10 September 2010

And here we are another weekend looming large..

I hope you all have big plans . . .

Last evening my hubby asked me if I would take a drive with him . . . he's been in conversation with the local council about some poor road signage and traffic lights TOTALLY obscured by street lighting so off we went . . . . Now we live in Bristol and the offending traffic lights are at the junction of the main ring road and the M32 motorway in to the city centre so I got a pleasant view on the outbound journey as the sun was setting over Lockleaze.

So then, job done, we could have just done a U turn at the junction and headed back but no, we took the scenic route home and got this shot of Stapleton Church.

And, as if this wasn't enough hubby then treated me to a scenic view of a side street in Stapleton . . can you guess where this might be?? Well people who have spent any time in Bristol might recognise this place . . . as far as I'm concerned it's one of the BEST places around ... the lovely Raj Mahal where they serve THE most excellent curry's and where their new specialty is a butter bean introduced to their menu by yours truly - thanks Raj - see you next Friday when we'll be there as a big party for a reunion dinner for the Digital / Compaq / HP employees - yes, it's how I met Mr. Kathyk!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed your brief trip around some of the sights of Bristol and will go on to have a wonderful Friday and a most excellent weekend.

As for me, and hubby, we're off to see my Aunt and Uncle this morning, they've returned from our place in Florida and will no doubt wish to impart their recommended "must visits" - PLUS it's my Aunt's 78th birthday today - yes, I HAVE made a card!!!

Do check back later to see whether I managed to fit any crafting in too!


scrappyjacky said...

Have an enjoyable visit....we're off to London for the day. Thickers are the alphabets....brilliant ones!!

Katiejane said...

Sounds like one busy day! I hope you enjoy the reunion dinner, it sounds delicious!
Katie x

Lauren Hatwell said...

LOL....any day that ends with Raj's yummy Butterbean curry must be a good one in my book. Lovely pictures. Just look at that sky...

Hope you had a butterbean for me. Lx

jackid said...

Lovely pics Kathy yor so lucky to have a bit of scenery , where we are it's all built up and motorways will tou be scrapping them soon

My name is Wynneth said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely piccies with us Kathy, I really enjoyed my virtual tour of the sights of Bristol!~!! especially the home of the butterbean curry, I can still taste it now - yummmmmmmmy !

Hope your aunty and uncle have some good recommendations for us for next month!