Sunday, 19 September 2010

Chilly Sunday peeps

Hi there,

Getting chillier, winter draws on - night's are drawing in and I'm forced to put on a dressing gown in the morning!!! Brrrrr, not nice - still, it DOES mean Christmas is approaching - time to start the Christmas shopping soon. My tally of Christmas cards rose by two yesterday with my entries for the Sketchie challenge yesterday - fab sketch too btw. For those of you who missed it you can check it out here - and have a go, why don't you?

This morning was cold and crisp - maybe a chance to break out my new fashion statement . . . . a poncho! I went off to visit an old friend I'd not seen to chat with in a while. She was pleased to see me and we had a lovely chat - I really must see her more often. I didn't stay quite as long as I'd anticipated as she and her daughters were off on a bit of a retail therapy jaunt - I hope you achieve success ladies!

After lunch it's off to the hospital - my pal Dorothy hasn't made the expected recovery following knee replacement surgery and is back in hospital having had a partial hip replacement on Thursday, which I only found out about yesterday when her daughter kindly rang me to let me know. Get well soon Dorothy.

A pal of mine (Lilian) also reminded me about the craft exhibition that will be hitting Bristol for the first time on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd this year. Check out the list of exhibitors and details here, if you think you might fancy popping along. I think I might head along there, leaving hubby at home though!!!
So, all in all, you can probably see that I've not had much time to craft yet today - maybe this evening, doesn't look like much on the Telly!!!
I've not posted this in a while but would like to say a big "HI" and "WELCOME" to my new followers - it's great to see you all - don't be shy, please leave me a comment some time soon.


clare said...

it's getting dark earlier too. shame i hate the dark nights. x

Brenda Brown said...

Brrrr definitely getting chillier, but have a good day yourself. B xxxx

Katiejane said...

Oh Kathy, poor Dorothy! I really hope she recovers swiftly with no difficulties along the way. She's so lucky to have a good friend like you.
I know what you mean about the cold mornings, it's not good is it!
Your Crafty exhibition sounds fun, good thinking leaving Steve at home :) I bet that's the best for both of you!
Hope all is well, it's good to catch up.
Katie x

P.S Those spaceships rock don't they :)!!!

Kathyk said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - sherbet spaceships!!!!

Dora said...

Yes, you seemed so busy. Wish I lived near you to have you popping by :) xx