Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Thursday

Hi there Peeps,

Went to craft club yesterday evening, with my pal Lilian and her pal Mary. It's a fairly unusual craft club (not that I have much experience on the matter) as everyone brings their own projects and works on them. Last night Lilian was knitting and Mary making jewellery, someone else was doing some chalk work, someone tile painting and another decoupage. It feels kind of odd to have to pack up and take with me everything I think I'm going to need for a project. Last time I took all my pro markers and some stamped images but I sort of spread out over more space than I should have so I wondered what I could take this time . . . . I thought Distress Inks didn't take up much space. Craft Stampers October issue showed a fab technique using a silhouette stamp, some post its and some distress inks which I really liked so this seemed perfect and off I went. Of course, me and my blending tool got really in to it ...... right up until I realised that those trestle tables aren't really very stable - sorry about your coffee Lilian!!!! Anyway, I had some white card with me and my Fiskars personal trimmer and I was as happy as ?????? They're a nice bunch but I'm still not sure about having to think about my evening's project so far ahead - I normally craft organically and my projects sort of grow out of my stash but I SOOOOOO cannot take ALL my stash with me each time!!! Anyway, the time passed really quickly and now all I have to do is find cards for all those "toppers"! It really is such a fun technique and soooooooooooooo easy too.

This morning we trundled off to Gloucester to see our mate, Sheila, for a coffee and a natter. As with most things we always have something else to do or somewhere else to be too so there was a little detour on the way - oh the excitement!!

Sheila made us most welcome, even breaking out those fab choco leibnitz they've been advertising like crazy on the TV recently and can I say - MMMMMMMMMM!

So, it was back to Bristol and straight to Cribbs Causeway as hubby had to return "stuff" to Maplins and buy a new voltmeter (?!) and, as it's only about 100 yards from Hobbycraft you can guess where I went! - whaddya mean, you can't! I spent £1.49 on me (that's more like the unbelievable part) and got a clear stamp set for my pal who's birthday is immmmmmminent! I hope she'll like it. I did get something else which is pretty yummy but I can't share it on here in case she reads this - as it will surely spoil the surprise.

We were pretty lucky with the weather as the piccie on the left is what we left behind as we drove south out of Gloucester down the M5!! It just MIGHT be raining there about now then!

Anyway, here's hoping you are all enjoying a perfectly SPLENDID Thursday and I look forward to reading your comments here some time soon, thanks for stopping by.


Dora said...

Hi Kathy, thanks for your concern on my hubby :) Yes he looks ok but as I said he can't do anything with his hand for now. Hey, I like the idea of that Craft Club you go to, it's a way of meeting up with friends doing something together you all like xxx

clare said...

great card toppers you made there kathy. like that idea. X

scrappyjacky said...

I do think I'd probably prefer a craft club where everyone was doing more or less the same craft.....can then bounce ideas and share stash looks like you managed to make some lovely silhouttes while you were there...but p'raps you need a table to yourself!!!!

Lauren Hatwell said...

Looks like another busy day. Loving your projects from craft club last night. Sounds like you had fun with your pal today too. Bet you were glad to miss out on that rain. Lx

Brenda Brown said...

Like the look of those toppers Kathy, must go back and have a look at those.
Fancy only spending £1.49 on your craft stuff, mind you that tells me you've got enough already hehe!!!!
Happy Thursday to you too, seems like you've been having fun.
B xxx

Cherry said...

Great makes there Kathy - love the vibrant colours against the sils. Not sure I could cope with that either - but it;s nice to chat.

Sounds like a busy day with some moments of pleasure thrown in.

Have a great evening. Hugs cherrY XXX

My name is Wynneth said...

I love this new technique of yours Kathy, you've certainly become an expert! Great toppers for your stash ready for a quick make any time. I never found craft clubs that inspirational, but it was nice to meet up with others just as craft-obsessed!!!