Monday, 20 September 2010

hello - Tuesday again

Hi there readers,

Funny old morning, you know autumn's approaching when you wake up to .......... fog!! YIKES, where DID I put those new (and purple) gloves?

Bit of a busy day yesterday, busy doing next to nothing that is!!! Had a weird weekend and simply couldn't settle to much yesterday. I did, however, get round to using a number of the toppers I made at craft club last Wednesday . . . . AND I made the text themed challenge so it wasn't a day totally wasted. Oh yes, and I did wrap my pal's birthday gift of a poncho - I soooo hope she's going to like it. I certainly did, because I bought myself one at the same time but I discovered a bit of a design flaw . . . if you wear it in the car then the fringe gets caught in the seat belt catch! Ooops - it'll be OK for my friend though, she doesn't drive!!!

I also watched a movie I recorded recently, called NYC Tornado - strange kind of film but very compulsive, didn't even want to hit pause to go make a cuppa!

Anybody watch SPOOKS last night too? Cracking start to the series and nice to see the splendid eye candy in the shape of Richard Armitage still in it. I had been watching the Doctor Who episode "Girl in the Fireplace" with Sophia Myles (splendid episode, one of my faves) and guess what? She's in SPOOKS too - Spooky!

Anyway, back to the crafting in hand . . . . here are the cards I made yesterday afternoon and evening - hope you like them. I was really pleased with the toppers made at craft club last week and they've proved to be quite versatile - maybe I shall "run up" some more to have ready ....... just in case! All you need is some white card, post its (for masking shapes), distress inks in colour families, black ink and silhouette stamps. I seem to be "at one" with the orangey colours at the moment (Mustard Seed, Spiced Marmalade and either Aged Mahogany or Fired Brick) but I am so very pleased with the purple combo and more particularly that FABULOUS Paper Artsy flower clock stamp! I hope you like them as much as I do. I was able to make a number of toppers at Craft Club last week, using this technique - and this isn't all of them so stand by to seem some more over the next day or so. Always great to have some in reserve and these seem less male or female so very handy for running up that emergency card.

Anyway, have a terrific Tuesday, I'm led to believe that there are three hours of crafting on QVC today with Amy - Dawn's off today (according to her blog she's decorating!) and I wish her luck - I HATE decorating!


Lauren Hatwell said...

and very effective that technique is too Kathy. Must give it a go myself.

Sadly, I missed Spooks but will see if I can catch up later in the week.


jackid said...

Yes Kathy Richard Armitage is nice and easy on the eye but must admit don't watch spooks phils on about trying to get the series on dvd I think we watched the very first 3 episodes and that how long ago so will have to watch from start to have an idea whats going on now enjoy QVC I might take a gander if free love the three cards you've put on here lovely colours you are going all autumnal aren't you
Jacki xx

Lilian said...

Kathy the cards have turned out great, having seen you do the toppers last week at club its really nice to see them complete. Well done,
Lilian x

scrappyjacky said...

Yep....thought it was a great start to of my fave fact one of the very few programmes I bother to watch these days.

My name is Wynneth said...

I LOVE these cards Kathy, you certainly have got that particular technique well and truly under your belt! I had a go last night, thought I'd use it for my CMLI challenge #10 card, but the stamp I used over it just didnt' work :o( Might be able to salvage something but it was a valuable lesson learned anyway :O)

Brenda Brown said...

Great job Kathy, they have proved to be a real boon haven't they. Love the cards you have made with them and the colours.
Hope your day ends well. Have missed the craft stuff on QVC will have to go and look at what they had.
Take care. B xxx