Thursday, 9 September 2010

Morning peeps - hope you are all well

Fooled you! Bet you were expecting another blooming scrap layout from me this morning! Well, I'm having a bit of a rest - my scrap booking head's blown up, I reckon!!!

I quite fancy having a go at the I Love Pro Markers challenge #31 (see it here), which is TRANSPORT. I've got lots of lovely inspirational stamps for that one - it's just a question of choosing which one to go with . . . check back later and see which one I went with.
In the meantime, I too this photo in my garden yesterday evening - not a "blooming" clue as to the real name of the plant - we've always called them "elephants ears" and I can see why but I don't recall how it started! Anyway, I was out there with my camera looking for this vintage war plane that I kept hearing but not seeing - never did see it. I DID get to see a balloon but it was too far away to photograph - BUM!
Anyway, Thursday again - hope you have plans for a good one and, as I said, do check back later to see whether it was scrap booking again or card making for a change!!


My name is Wynneth said...

Beautiful piccie Kathy, such a lovely plant whatever it's called!!! Great to hear that you plan to enter the ILPM's challenge this week - if you recall I gave you a hint earlier when I said not to put your new transport theme stamps away as they might come in useful!!! Can't want to see your creation :O)

Lauren Hatwell said...

Morning Your Purpleness. Beautiful plant but I, too, am clueless as to its real name. That said, I'm almost certain I prefer Elephants Ears anyway. Very excited to see your ILPM project later. Its sure to be a hum dinger. Have a good one. Lx

Kathyk said...

Indeed you did Wynneth - but (to anyone else reading) that IS all she said by way of a hint! - no insider knowledge here!!

I probably should try to find the proper name for my elephants ears but I too prefer their nickname!!!