Thursday, 30 September 2010

Morning peeps - hope you are all well

Thursday and it's less than a week now till I go away, one of my partners in crime is already on her way Stateside - SAFE JOURNEY to you and Tom, Wynneth.
In a manner typical of my life everything seems to be happening in the last few days before my vacation. Today I am: meeting a friend for coffee this morning, visiting a friend in hospital this afternoon, dining with another friend this evening, I have a hairdressing appointment tomorrow, a craft show Saturday and/or Sunday, dinner and entertainment on Saturday, lunch and shopping with a pal on Monday and then . . . . . . . V A C A T I O N - it's CRAFTAPALOOZA finally. It seemed like it was taking ages to come round and now it'll be here before I'm ready for it at this rate! Watch out for pictures!
Today hardly leaves me much time for crafting but you might want to check back just in case ....... after all, I still need to do that pearls and swirls challenge for I LOVE PRO MARKERS!!! I still cannot believe I made that really nice (in my opinion) card yesterday and only then realised there were (gulps) NO Pro Markers used - oooops, thank heavens I didn't upload it to their blog - imagine what a DUH! moment that would have been.
I hope you will all have a perfectly lovely Thursday - don't know about you but it's nice and sunny here but I bet it'll be a bit brrrrr out there!!!
Later peeps!


SallyB said...

Hi Kathy...Just time for a quick comment from me... Have a great time in Florida! I want to know all the crafty hang outs and what you can buy and where? Alphabetical order with direction please!
He He....
catch ya

Kobie's Crafty Corner said...

Hi, KathyK
Just quick note to let you know that I am fine! Hope to be back up and running on the internet soon so that I can catch up! Just a lot going on in the last couple of months! Enjoy your holiday and hope everyone is doing okay! Will try and get over on craft bubble in October!

Kind regards Kobie

Dora said...

Awww I am so excited for you... wish I was coming with you to Florida he he xxx