Monday, 20 September 2010

Morning readers and welcome to the start of another week

Yesterday was a weird and difficult day. I did lots of things that would have been easier to put off but involved comforting friends so I certainly felt better for having done it and I SOOOOOOO hope the friends involved do too.
Anyhoo, on to brighter things . . . . it's Monday and has dawned bright and sunny with a forecast to be almost SUMMERY!! YAY, perhaps one of the last opportunities to enjoy short sleeves, bare legs and flip flops - short of going somewhere warm and sunny for the winter. Sometimes I do think it might be nice to hibernate for the winter . . . . but then I would miss Christmas and that WOULD be a shame.
Anyhoo, I must congratulate my friend Lauren on her first egg laid - no, NOT BY HER but for her! Well, actually, she did have one already but her Clumber Spaniel snaffled it before she had the chance to enjoy it - so she's taking no chances with this one!
I must also congratulate my pal Wynneth on her first card for the Design Team at Just Cute Bears - it's a doozie, if you love bears then why not go check them out here.
I think I plan to do some housework and some crafting today. If it's still nice this afternoon then I almost GUARANTEE my OH will want to be flying - so I needn't feel guilty. I also need to wrap my pals birthday present - any suggestions for wrapping a poncho?
Have a fab Monday everyone and do check back later as I feel this might be a two post day today!!!


Cherry said...

Hi Kathy, Sorry to hear you had a difficult day yesterday - but I am sure your friends appreciate the support.

Isn't it a lovely day - very mellow indeed. Hooray for Lauren's egg and Wynneth's new adventure.

Hope the housework is done and you are happily crafting by now. Will check back later for a looksie.
Hugs Cherry XXX

jackid said...

Hi Kathy told you I'd be on here later sorry to here about your day yesterday and can only echoe whah Cherry said in that i'm sure your friends appreciated you being there as for the poncho never had to wrap one of those but would presume you would wrap it as though it where a very large jumper does that sound as silly to you as it does reading it this end now i've posted it ooohhh well you know me well enough now lol
Jacki xx

My name is Wynneth said...

Thanks for the congrats Kathy - much appreciated ;O)