Friday, 1 October 2010

2nd post of the day - don't forget to check out my earlier post!!

I have been nominated for the above award by the lovely Brenda, so thank you Brenda. Apparently, I have to tell you seven things about myself and then nominate seven more recipients for this award. I have generously been given this award before so will try to think of seven DIFFERENT things to say about myself and seven DIFFERENT people to pass it on to.
  1. I'll be celebrating my silver wedding anniversary next year
  2. I'd really like to visit the pyramids of Egypt
  3. I really don't like the heat - weird considering how much time I spend in Florida!!!
  4. I call my car UGLY!
  5. I like lime green ALMOST as much as I like purple!
  6. I once went on vacation with my hubby without packing him any underwear!!!! (only the once though!)
  7. I HATE gardening!

And now for seven people to pass this award to:
In the meantime please don't forget my earlier post as it contains the sketch for the October layout challenge over on the Scrap Addicts group on craftbubble. My twist this month is simple, why not check it out here. And of course, the Friday Funny!
Have a fab weekend, I'm off to a new craft show (new to Bristol anyway) so will be taking my camera.


clare said...

well done on your blog award kathy. thanks for to think of 7 DIFFERENT people to pass it on to. XX

jackid said...

Oh Kathy thank you so much it was so nice of you to think of me

Jane said...

Awww thanks Kathy!!!

Jane :0) x

Brenda Brown said...

Go to the Pyramids, I went earlier this year and also recommend the Nile cruise. It's an amazing country. We went in April before it got too hot. (Still hot enough though). B xxx

Katiejane said...

Awww thanks so much for thinking of me :)
Congratulations on your award.
Katie x